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Who is Razorleaf

Razorleaf is a consulting & systems integrator specializing in digital technologies that help the world’s most innovative manufacturing organizations bring new products to market. We partner with our clients to connect products and processes across the enterprise to drive more business value.

We are known for our highly skilled and seasoned team of consultants, now located across the globe. We are proud of the supportive and inclusive culture that has become a vibrant part of what makes Razorleaf successful as an organization.

How Razorleaf Started

In 2000, Eric Doubell, CEO of Razorleaf, founded the organization based on simple yet inspiring values: Treat people right, take care of customers, and do the right thing. His goal was to create a lasting organization that would be a great place to work, offer a work-life balance, and be a place where people would want to stay. The organization was founded as a virtual company because Eric recognized the flexibility it would provide to employees after working in offices for years. When COVID hit, our team was functioning business-as-usual, without hiccups in the way we work or support clients.

Many of the founding team members at Razorleaf are still with the company, which is a testament to how Eric’s vision and values have stood the test of time during a dynamic, ever-changing economy. We work hard to help our customers improve the way they develop products and the workflows that support those development processes. Our team brings both business process consulting and hands-on software implementation expertise to help customers get the most value from their IT investments.

Our Company Values

While many companies talk about their values, we live by them, hire by them, and annually celebrate them in our employees.

While the original values we were founded upon still hold true, they have been expanded to encourage core behaviors that have become a differentiator in how Razorleaf operates and interacts with clients. They include:


In the video below, Eric Doubell, CEO of Razorleaf Corporation, outlines the 6 Values that form the core of Razorleaf culture. He explains what each value means for the organization and why they each play an important role in shaping who is part of the global team at Razorleaf.

Peer-Nominated Value Recognition Awards

We invite our employees to nominate their peers who they feel have demonstrated one or more of our company values over a quarter. Once a year, all the nominations are reviewed and seven awards are given at our Annual Company Meeting. One winner who best represents each value and one person who demonstrated “Overall Excellence” in living all of our values.

Congratulations to our 2023 Value Recognition Award Winners

Congratulations to our 2024 Value Recognition Award Winners at Razorleaf India

2023 Razorleaf Company Meeting

Our Razorleaf Team from around the world recently gathered at the Sawmill Creek by Cedarpoint Resort in Ohio for four days of connecting, learning and fun!

We take pride in being a “work-from-home” company, but the real magic happens when we come together as a global team once a year. Watch our video that captures our time together. We are already looking forward to next year!

Where did the name “Razorleaf” come from?

Eric Doubell shares the story in his words…

In the early 2000’s, there was a fad where new companies were choosing very visual names that did not necessarily have anything to do with what the company did; names like Thunderstone or Rockfish. Our team went to work and we came up with a few names, and Razorleaf was the one we liked the best. We were proud and congratulated ourselves on how creative we were for a bunch of technical people.

A few weeks after registering the name, we went to get the domain for but discovered it was already taken by someone for tracking their personal Pokemon collection and gaming strategy. It turned out that Razorleaf is associated with Pokemon, and what I thought was a brilliant bit of creativity was something stored away in my head from all the hours of playing Pokemon with my kids when they were younger.

We tried to buy the domain a few times when Pokemon was popular, but the owner would only sell for $30,000, so we purchased as an alternative. We kept checking every five years, and finally we were able to purchase the domain for a reasonable price. The rest is history…

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