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Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle is a next-generation, cloud-based solution for delivering Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) to organizations of any size. Companies in Engineering, Manufacturing, Architecture, and Construction can all deploy Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle in minutes to days, rather than the months to years that traditional PLM solutions require. Access to Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle is equally available on a desktop in an office or on a mobile device on the go, enabling your team to perform their specific tasks in the interface most comfortable to them. Dashboards and reports in text, graphical, and spreadsheet formats can quickly be developed, run, and viewed by anyone to keep teams synchronized. The system is modular too, allowing companies to deploy as much, or as little, PLM functionality as they might need.

Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle offers a powerful and secure infrastructure created by one of the industry’s most experienced cloud technology companies. It is developed and backed by experts in global networks, database technology, mobile access, backup and recovery, and security. Due to its software-as-a-service model, customers subscribe to seats of Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle on an annual basis, allowing straightforward forecasts for usage and expenses. No matter whether a company deploys one seat or one thousand seats, the full offering of Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle is available instantly, including dozens of pre-installed apps such as Program Management, Engineering, Supply and Procurement, Quality, Operations, and more.

Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle is fully tailorable and configurable to meet different customers’ needs. With a no-programming approach, PLM components such as lifecycle states, process workflows, and item details are modifiable using drag-and-drop actions. Additional automation for critical and unique multi-step tasks can be achieved through browser-based scripting that uses standard JavaScript (with a built-in debugging engine).

A full set of web service application programming interfaces (APIs) is also available, used when integrating Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle with other software such as Autodesk Vault, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, or anything else imaginable. Web-based integrations are developed using Autodesk-partner Jitterbit’s cloud-based integration platform. Even with all of this functionality, every user of Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle is on the same version, doing away with software version mismatches and lengthy system upgrades. Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle provides a familiar, modern, and consistent user experience with a system that is always the latest and greatest.

Razorleaf has been delivering Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle consulting services since the product’s inception in 2012. (In May 2016, Autodesk PLM 360 was renamed to Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle and joined the Autodesk Fusion product innovation platform.) Our PLM consultants have worked hand-in-hand with Autodesk subject matter experts to deploy Fusion Lifecycle-based solutions for more than a dozen clients, guiding their solution customization, training, and integrations. To manage enterprise-wide integration with Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle, Razorleaf has successfully deployed Jitterbit integration software at several client sites. Services that Razorleaf provides specifically around Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle include:

    • Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle Project & Change Management Services
    • Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle Implementation & Deployment Services
    • Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle Configuration & Administration Services
    • Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle Integration using Jitterbit
    • Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle Technical Support Services
    • Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle Development & Customization Services
    • Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle Automation & Scripting Services
    • Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle Training Services
    • Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle Process Analysis, Methodologies & Best Practices

Autodesk Vault Razorleaf is also Autodesk’s implementation partner for installing and integrating Autodesk Vault data management software to help organize, manage, and track data creation, simulation, and documentation processes for design and engineering workgroups.

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