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Case Studies


Learn about the journey of our customer Littelfuse, who needed a new system to help better manage their new product introduction (NPI) process. This case study shares their journey in selecting a PLM system and how they went about solving their NPI challenges with Aras Innovator.
Juliann Grant
October 3, 2019


Facing efficiency challenges around revision and change management, data visibility, and data redundancy, Bestop was looking to automate their PLM process which was manual and prone to error and delays.
Juliann Grant
April 28, 2018


Lytron historically relied on direct access to their BPCS ERP system and a series of manual processes from stakeholders in many areas of the organization to manage their PLM process. To expand their capabilities and become more efficient as a growing business, they wanted to standardize and improve control of their item creation, BOM management, Engineering Change Order (ECO), New Product Introduction and Non-Conforming Material processes.
Juliann Grant
March 27, 2018

Petroleum Geo-Services

Petroleum Geo-Services (“PGS”) is a focused Marine geophysical company that provides a broad range of seismic and reservoir services, including acquisition, imaging, interpretation, and field evaluation.
Juliann Grant
October 23, 2017
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