Lytron Implements PLM with Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle and Razorleaf

Lytron historically relied on direct access to their BPCS ERP system and a series of manual processes from stakeholders in many areas of the organization to manage their PLM process. To expand their capabilities and become more efficient as a growing business, they wanted to standardize and improve control of their item creation, BOM management, Engineering Change Order (ECO), New Product Introduction and Non-Conforming Material processes.


A key component of the PGS operation is GeoStreamer®, a state of the art data acquisition cable that represents the industry’s first true broadband marine seismic system. PGS Ramform Titan-class vessels have towing capability of up to 24 GeoStreamers®. Each streamer is typically between 8-10 kilometers long and is towed at 20-25 meters water depth. […]

Inphi Accelerates Big Data Internally

Inphi delivers high-speed connectivity solutions to move data between and inside data centers. Inphi’s end-to-end data transport platform delivers high signal integrity at leading-edge data speeds, addressing performance and bandwidth bottlenecks in networks, from fiber to memory. To move data internally, Inphi relies on several different systems. Sales and quality teams work in Salesforce; procurement, planning, […]