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Supplier Management Module for Aras

Bringing Suppliers into Your Product Lifecycle

The Supplier Management Module for Aras Innovator is a core component of Razorleaf’s Manufacturing Suite. This application allows Aras users to qualify and rank strategic suppliers, implement and track supplier corrective actions, and perform supplier audits. Users can accelerate the design to procurement process – reducing overall product costs and improving strategic sourcing.

Watch how you can qualify and rank strategic vendors, implement and track corrective actions, perform audits and quickly assess supplier eligibility with supplier reports and dashboards to improve strategic sourcing.

  Continuous Compliance

Assure your suppliers are meeting regulatory compliances and adhering to supplier corrective action and audits on a regular basis.

  Strategic Sourcing

Analyze supplier capabilities, current status, and past performance to ensure supplier decisions are properly made earlier in the product lifecycle

  Lower Product Costs

Increase the use of approved suppliers to reduce sourcing issues early on to improve product quality and lower product costs.

Top Reasons to consider Razorleaf’s Supplier Management for ARAS

  • An automated supplier approval process is needed to assess, rank and certify suppliers
  • Enable Engineers and procurement teams to search for part suppliers by preferred status, capabilities, and certification
  • Track issues and implement corrective action to ensure supplier performance is needed to guarantee suppliers meet regulatory compliance requirements

Razorleaf’s Supplier Management gives manufacturing companies instant insight into approved suppliers, supply chain, compliance, and part sourcing data – giving manufacturing companies a competitive advantage.

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