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PLM Road Map

One of the best tools to optimize your investment in a PLM system is a roadmap for implementation that ensures your project maintains focus on your business goals. Carefully constructed after analysis of business goals, prioritization of needs, and assessment of current capabilities, a roadmap takes a phased approach to PLM implementation. It prioritizes key areas of focus, activities, milestones and research and includes critical constraints, order of activity based on priority, and success criteria for each step.

But a roadmap should be more than merely a project plan. It’s a collaborative process that helps your organization define and analyze your strategy and objectives, identify key stakeholders, collect important data, and understand application landscapes. That information supports your selection of the right milestones, technologies, and internal and external team and resources. From product selection to a full implementation plan, creating a project roadmap can ensure you make informed choices that best match the needs of your organization and protect your IT investment.

The Solution

Razorleaf’s years of experience with a variety of vendors, software platforms, and customers gives us vendor-agnostic expertise in the nuances of technologies and systems. We collaborate with you and all key players in the PLM implementation process to understand your needs and develop a roadmap that links business requirements, technical constraints, and timelines. Where appropriate, we can also offer industry-leading practices to supplement current processes. Our clear, defined roadmaps will help you avoid common pitfalls and ensure you achieve your business goals.

Find out how Razorleaf’s team of experts can help you maximize your investment with a PLM roadmap.

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