Generative Modeling with DriveWorks

With the addition of Generation Tasks, DriveWorks has made the move from being the master model push system to one of the only true DriveWorkshybrid design automation systems on the market. Generative modeling, which is the ability to add new SOLIDWORKS features without predefining them in the master model, has been the top request of DriveWorks implementers for years. Let’s take a look at the tools that DriveWorks has provided for the support of generative modeling.

The Inevitability of Cloud Based CAD

The Revolution is coming. Are you ready? Many Engineering managers fondly recall the days of drafting boards and slide rules, but have embraced the concept and obvious benefits of desktop engineering solutions. The late 1990’s were quite revolutionary, and many businesses underwent drastic changes to their design and engineering processes. Of course, change often comes […]

Moving Beyond CAD: PDM vs. PLM

…Ok, so it was the late 1990’s, but the CAD world would be significantly changed by the technical revolution that several small companies like SOLIDWORKS, Solid Edge, and Autodesk with Inventor proposed to bring to the market. Until that time CAD fell exclusively in the domain of large companies, mainly Aero and Auto that helped […]

COE 2017: Collaboration on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

COE 2017 Proceedings by Razorleaf This presentation was delivered by Michael Craffey at COE 2017 in Orlando. Abstract:  Collaboration is a broad term, and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform’s collaboration capabilities live up to that breadth. This demo will tour through collaboration capabilities for simple file sharing, social content, instant messaging, group ideation, 3D co-sharing, meeting organization, […]

COE 2017: Atomic Content

COE 2017 Proceedings by Razorleaf Jonathan Scott presented this technical content at COE 2017 in Orlando. Abstract:  Science got really interesting when we broke chemicals down to the atomic level – it drove a new level of understanding and opened up new possibilities. This session will discuss how breaking up traditional engineering deliverables (drawings, for example) […]

COE 2017: Your First 3DEXPERIENCE Customization

COE 2017 Proceedings by Razorleaf Ron Stenger gave this presentation at COE 2017, outlining what to expect for your first 3DEXPERIENCE customization project. There are multiple ways to customize the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, and not all are created equally. This session led users through sample customizations and explained how they can be created, and maintained, in this […]

ENOVIA SmarTeam Licensing Considerations

SmarTeam  users need to be aware that starting in R27 the licenses they have may not work. When upgrading ENOVIA SmarTeam to V5-6R2017, customers have to request to Dassault Systèmes the complete replacement of their ENOVIA SmarTeam license keys. Indeed, starting from V5-6R2017, ENOVIA SmarTeam is switched from Rank to Date licensing model. This change allows ENOVIA SmarTeam to […]