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Our Industry Aptitude Is A Prerequisite

The right knowledge and experience are a prerequisite for successful consulting engagements. Our team is ready to help you navigate your industry’s unique requirements and create a technology roadmap that will help you achieve your goals.

The AEC industry is being squeezed between market demands for beautiful, unique spaces and client demands for affordability and efficiency. Those that embrace a digital transformation are the most likely to succeed at meeting customer demands at the speed the market expects in the most cost-effective manner possible.

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Aerospace and Defense manufacturers face multiple challenges including increased customer expectations and increased program complexity. Those that embrace a digital transformation will be better able to deliver excellent programs and products, improve internal readiness and agility, innovate products, and reduce costs.

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Automotive manufacturers are currently transforming their systems and processes to improve resilience, flexibility, and agility while continuing to meet ever-changing global demand. Those that embrace a digital transformation are the most likely to achieve agility and flexibility in product development and manufacturing, innovate products, and reduce costs.

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Government and Defense entities are adopting digitalization to enhance customer service for citizens and improve collaboration across the supply chain. Secure, integrated digital environments play a pivotal role in helping these organizations achieve operational excellence, enhance resiliency, optimize data-driven decision-making, and deliver high-quality products and services.

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Manufacturers who want to improve revenue after a few hard-fought years should continue leveraging technology to mitigate risks in supply chain, grow corporate sustainability efforts, and make use of the plethora of available product and consumer data. A digital transformation will be the key for manufacturers looking to achieve agility and flexibility in product development and manufacturing, innovate products, and reduce costs.

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Savvy Marine & Offshore stakeholders know that collaboration and the transition to an environmentally friendly fleet and practices will be key in the coming years. Many organizations are already leaning on technology to help them gather data, connect stakeholders, make progress on their strategic initiatives, and improve ROI.

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The Brands You Trust, Trust Us

Trust is one of the most important assets for a business no matter what kind of company it is. The relationships we have with our clients and partners are crucial for us and fuel our passion to evolve and grow as technology does the same.

Our relationships are a reflection of one of our core values to “take the long view” when we partner with our clients.

Words Speak Volumes

Razorleaf helped Kawasaki complete another ENOVIA upgrade, and as usual, Razorleaf did an excellent job.

David RashKawasaki Motors Corp.

I have found Razorleaf to be very, very valuable to us on many occasions. Since 2007, Razorleaf has helped L&M with system support, software upgrades, and solution configuration that has yielded great business value. From a technical and personal standpoint I give Razorleaf very high marks.

Tom HaapojaL&M Radiator, Inc.

The Razorleaf team worked quickly with us to understand our requirements and specifications, then assembled these into practical, realistic solutions.

Bob NolandLincoln Electric

Parata is constantly improving and iterating its products; this generates a lot of ECO activity along with quick changes in scope and priority. We needed our PLM system to accommodate this type of work environment, and allow us to both cancel a change and add/remove items freely. These features were critical to Parata, enough that we implemented the Razorleaf ECO toolkit immediately following our initial Aras launch.

Paul SheehyParata Systems

[The Razorleaf consultant] was there to help us understand our own needs, to help us ask the right questions and understand what we needed to be knowledgeable about, and to determine whether the candidates [PLM vendors] we had visited with had offerings that would meet our needs."

John Salazar

Razorleaf was very helpful in understanding my detailed requirements, and in helping me understand my requirements better. I thought I had defined what I needed out of a PDM system, but they dug one level deeper to help me think about exactly what types of licenses I needed and how people would use the system. This is more than I expected, and I appreciated it.

Sam NamalaQubica AMF
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