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Model-Based Enterprise (MBE)

Becoming a Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) means reaching the pinnacle of the digital transformation process. MBE manufacturers operate with streamlined development processes, faster collaboration and communication throughout the product lifecycle, less rework, fewer overall assembly hours, and a reduced time to market—all of which typically yield positive revenue growth, higher profit margins, and product cost savings.

Unlocking the value of engineering models to create greater efficiency, reduce costs, and improve quality throughout the product lifecycle can take time and effort. Every organization’s path to MBE will be unique to their particular combination of established systems and processes, culture, and readiness to change. Regardless of the effort required, the benefits of MBE are proving to be significant.

MBE means full digitalization: centering your product information around a 3D model (e.g., model-based definition) and connecting all other product and manufacturing information to that model. It means doing away with paper entirely and passing design and information digitally within your company, as well as to suppliers and vendors.

Find out how Razorleaf’s team of experts can help you identify and navigate the steps required for your digital transformation.

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