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Aerospace & Defense

The Aerospace and Defense sector faces multiple challenges stemming from the opposing forces of increased customer expectations and increased program complexity. Digital transformation and business agility will enable A&D manufacturers to meet those and other needs of the marketplace.

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Almost every aspect of manufacturing has changed or evolved in the last few years. Priorities have shifted, customer demands have changed, digital technologies have appeared, sustainability has become critical, supply chains have faltered, and the global landscape has increased in volatility. Like so many other industries, A&D is realizing that digitization is critical to surviving and thriving in the changing marketplace, because the digital transformation makes everything else possible.

A&D organizations need to be focused on improving their supply chains, improving internal process efficiencies, attracting and retaining talent, improving product sustainability, and innovating to ensure growth. They need to be able to design systems right the first time, as well as deliver them on time and budget. And they need to do it all while lowering costs and risks and becoming more flexible and agile.


The only way to achieve innovation, efficiency, and production agility is by digitizing and automating processes and optimizing the resulting data. A fully digital enterprise supports and promotes communication and collaboration throughout the product lifecycle, while also reducing complexity, meeting compliance and security requirements, and ensuring accurate product data is available at any time to anyone who needs it. Secure, accurate information at your fingertips makes it easier to be agile in the event of shifts in the marketplace, supply-chain changes, and sustainability work.

Every company in the A&D sector wants to do better with less. Those that embrace a digital transformation are the most likely to succeed at delivering excellent programs and products, improving internal readiness and agility, innovating products, and reducing costs.

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