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Connecting Product & Process Across the Digital Enterprise

Corporate Overview

Razorleaf is a consulting & systems integrator that specializes in product lifecycle management (PLM) to help the world’s most innovative manufacturing organizations bring new products to market. Led by a highly skilled and seasoned team of experts worldwide, Razorleaf transforms businesses by offering comprehensive consulting, professional services, and proprietary software products focused on gaining business efficiencies around PLM, Design Automation, Model-Based strategies, and Integration.

Razorleaf’s OnPoint™ service methodology supports a collaborative and iterative process with our clients that ensures delivery of consistent and successful outcomes. This proven approach keeps projects on target by leveraging our deep expertise, aligns with client goals, and drives a repeatable, agile-like process. We help clients reduce project risks, achieve timelines and budget, and accelerate business decisions.

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PLM Health Check Service

A PLM Health Check ensures your business software runs efficiently, reliably, securely, and at peak performance in complete alignment with your goals, business requirements, and compliance standards.

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Professional Services

Razorleaf provides clients with the flexibility to determine the type of contracts that best fit the client’s business needs and budget, including T & M, Fixed Bid, Staff Augmentation, or a Subscription model (Consulting as a Service).

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Manufacturing Suite for Aras Innovator

The Razorleaf Manufacturing Suite for Aras Innovator offers subscription-based standalone business applications that extend and automate additional business requirements, processes, and procedures common to Manufacturers. We can help solve your business challenges by simplifying your PLM implementation, improving collaboration and increasing productivity.

Our Suite is designed for manufacturing companies across all industries, including Aerospace and Defense, Automotive and Industrial Engineering. These applications accelerate your time to market with better tools to manage engineering, suppliers and projects.

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Change Management Module for Aras

Change Management Module for Aras Innovator is a core component in Razorleaf’s Manufacturing Suite. This application improves the full scope of the PLM engineering change management processes and allows you to make modifications to any “in work” Engineering Change Order (ECO), Engineering Change Notice (ECN), or revision-controlled document change.

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Training Management Module for Aras

The Training Management Module for Aras Innovator is a core component of Razorleaf’s Manufacturing Suite. This application provides the tracking of training processes and procedures to quickly onboard employees, monitor progress, track successful completion, and ensure compliance to industry standards.

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Supplier Management Module for Aras

The Supplier Management Module for Aras Innovator is a core component of Razorleaf’s Manufacturing Suite. This application allows Aras users to qualify and rank strategic suppliers, implement and track supplier corrective actions, and perform supplier audits. Users can accelerate the design to procurement process – reducing overall product costs and improving strategic sourcing.

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Productivity Pack Module for Aras

The Productivity Pack Module for Aras Innovator is a core component of Razorleaf’s Manufacturing Suite. This solution enhances collaboration, improved workflows, and shortens product release cycles. Manufacturing Suite business modules extend the power of the Aras’ platform and help you maximize your PLM investment.

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Learn more about Razorleaf’s integration platform that facilitates synchronized, real time data exchange.

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CLOVER CollectIT is a vendor-neutral, web-based file management application that allows users to extract, package, and securely distribute PLM files and data. You can quickly share product information with employees, vendors, and clients including part and BOM representations, related CAD files, and technical documents with the creation of any project, product or part to support a Model Based Enterprise (MBE).

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CLOVER IntegrateIT

CLOVER IntegrateIT is a scalable integration hub designed specifically for a faster, smarter way to connect siloed systems and share information across any application, database, and APIs – whether in the cloud or on premise. IntegrateIT synchronizes, integrates, and manages your product development processes to ensure data accuracy, reduce integration costs, and mitigate risks.

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With CLOVER MigrateIT, you can perform PLM file and data extraction, shaping and transformation, and bulk loading/exporting to reduce system downtime and improve data integrity. In addition, this tool can connect to any type of system endpoint, web service, FTP, or file share – making it perfect for multi-source or multi-destination operations.

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CLOVER PassIT provides an interface between messaging platforms and PLM systems. In addition, our job processing and rules engine allow data evaluations and business rules to be performed on the CLOVER Job Server instead of each system endpoint – maximizing endpoint performance and freeing the service bus from complex operations.

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Connect CLOVER with Any Enterprise System

Razorleaf CLOVER accelerates product design processes and time to market by enabling exchange of information across your organization.

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Enabling Your PLM to Connect the Model Based Enterprise

Razorleaf specializes in optimizing product innovation, manufacturing processing, and after-sales support by exploiting the benefits of the digital thread in a Model Based Enterprise (MBE). Our Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) transformation services in business analysis, implementation methods, and the application of enterprise technologies yield results-driven business value.

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