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PLM Tool Selection

You’ve decided a PLM system is the right move for your enterprise, but the challenge is which platform to choose—because that choice is the first step toward success. That’s where the help of an expert comes in. Razorleaf can help you evaluate your requirements and pick the PLM tool that’s the best match for your organization.

With deep experience in PLM tools, implementation, and usage, Razorleaf is well-qualified to help you assess your core requirements and priorities to inform an RFP and vendor-evaluation process. Whether you need a simple PLM platform comparison or a more detailed analysis to address your specific needs, our vendor-neutral approach can help you sort through your options to make an informed decision.

The Solution

The first step is requirements gathering, in which we review your current technology environment and gain an understanding of your business processes around product development cycles, as well as how that impacts process and workflows across the organization. From that analysis, we distill your core requirements.

The second step is generating a PLM platform feature/function matrix that matches your requirements to the software, features, and benefits available in different PLM platforms, so you can easily review and assess your options. We also provide a narrative summary of each platform being considered, including strengths and weaknesses relating to your proposed implementation.

Find out how Razorleaf’s team of experts can help you refine your needs and goals to make the best PLM platform decision possible.

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