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Connecting Multiple Integration Points

Whether you need to integrate with ERP, PLM, CRM, or another enterprise system, Razorleaf has multiple ways to get the job done.  We have created, configured, and developed numerous integrations across CAD, PDM, PLM, MRP, ERP, CRM, SharePoint, legacy systems and custom applications.

Razorleaf’s consultants have been defining, developing, configuring, and deploying enterprise system integrations for years, connecting enterprise systems throughout the product lifecycle.  The team understands the critical characteristics of system-to-system integration as well as system-to-ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) integration, including synchronicity (whether event-driven, batch mode, or through other triggers), directionality (one direction or both), transformation (logic and rules governing data modification), and conflict/failure resolution.

In addition, Razorleaf offers a proprietary, vendor neutral integration platform, CLOVER.  It is designed specifically to synchronize, integrate, and manage your product development processes to enable the digital thread throughout your enterprise.

Razorleaf leverages key elements of its custom development approach. Specifications, sample data, and use cases are key elements of Razorleaf’s approach to systems integration, ensuring performance to requirements and repeatable success.

Common PLM Integration Connections

Razorleaf has experience working with most enterprise systems, either as the source system, destination system, or middleware in an integration project:

  • Aras Innovator
  • Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle
  • Autodesk Vault
  • ENOVIA SmarTeam
  • FTP
  • Infor Accelerate
  • JD Edwards
  • Jitterbit
  • Microsoft Access databases
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • NetSuite
  • Oracle Applications and Oracle E-Business Suite
  • SAP
  • Windows and UNIX/LINUX file systems
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