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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is an integral part of the digital transformation process. Data becomes accessible everywhere and in real time. But implementation is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Sophisticated PLM platforms will house complex data sets that contain your organization’s proprietary product and customer information. They must be carefully integrated and safeguarded.

How many servers are needed? What level of redundancy is required? Is a specific database preferred? Can it be run in the cloud? These questions and more come up when planning the deployment of an enterprise system. Razorleaf has the knowledge to answer these questions, the skills to perform detailed architecture planning, and the experience to differentiate between “suggested requirements” and the real needs of specific enterprise systems.


Careful planning and a deliberate license purchase strategy can prevent organizations from overspending on software licensing and save lost productivity from under-licensed implementations. Razorleaf understands the process and the importance of analyzing topics like license redundancy and license assignment.

Client and Server Installations

The experience that Razorleaf consultants bring to every engagement helps them adapt the idiosyncrasies of specific enterprise software to the uniqueness of your product planning and development environment. When it is time to deliver (or upgrade) hundreds of client installation packages via central management tools, Razorleaf has the skills needed to develop these packages.


Razorleaf’s experts can help every step of a system deployment go smoothly, but when something goes wrong, the Razorleaf team is invaluable. By bringing the deep knowledge of the team to bear on a problem (instead of relying on one individual’s knowledge), Razorleaf can quickly troubleshoot complex implementation and deployment problems.

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