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Change Management Module for Aras

Optimize your Product Development Process

Change Management Module for Aras Innovator is a core component in Razorleaf’s Manufacturing Suite. This application improves the full scope of the PLM engineering change management processes and allows you to make modifications to any “in work” Engineering Change Order (ECO), Engineering Change Notice (ECN), or revision-controlled document change.

By enhancing the critical change process – errors are reduced, change is processed faster, and time to market is accelerated – ultimately reducing costs and improving productivity.

Watch how engineers can modify and update any “in-work” Engineering Change Order, Engineering Change Notice, or revision-controlled document change to reduce cost and improve productivity.

  Flexible Options

Ability to add/remove/cancel affected items from an “in work” ECO/ECN. You can quickly make non-fit, form, function changes much more efficiently.

  Configurable Workflows

Enables a prototype and production process workflow with configurable revision schemas improving the workflow.

  Accelerate Process

Enables quick visual access to substitute and alternates without the need to inspect individual items to streamline your change process.

Top Reasons to consider Razorleaf’s Change Management for ARAS

  • Minor changes to a part or document should not bump a new revision
  • Multiple related changes need to be managed through a single change order
  • A Prototype and production process workflow requirement

Take the right steps to improve communication and collaboration by simplifying and enhancing your change management process.

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