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From digital innovation strategies to CAD data management to scheduling optimization, we help you make informed choices about the right data management solutions for your business.

What PLM Can Do for Your Top and Bottom Lines

PLM can significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the business, increasing top line revenue opportunities and improving the bottom line by reducing costs.


The Razorleaf Difference: How We Get It Done

Razorleaf’s team of experts blends an understanding about your current processes with in-depth knowledge about industry best practices to ensure a successful PLM project.


PLM Best Practices vs. Customization

Razorleaf helps you sort out which best practices are right for you and how to blend best practices with customization to create a unique competitive advantage for your organization.


Digital Thread: What You Need to Know

Find out how Razorleaf can help you establish a digital thread to get the most from your product data using our PLM Services.


Razorleaf Services

Our goal at Razorleaf is to help our clients successfully implement leading-edge technologies in order to increase their competitive advantage and boost profits through streamlined processes and greater efficiencies. Our job is to make sure we know how the technologies integrate with each other, and how they can be leveraged to deliver on your corporate objectives.

Our team of experts helps you build the capabilities you need to streamline and transform your organization.

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Razorleaf helps you implement leading-edge technologies to increase competitive advantage and boost profits through streamlined processes.

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Product Lifecycle Management is an integral part of the digital transformation process. But implementation is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

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Customization doesn’t have to be a dirty word. Our experts ask, ‘should it be done?’ before diving into ‘can it be done?’ to ensure custom development is the right path.

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Razorleaf ensures you maximize your investment in process & technology with world-class training for your skilled professionals who put the technology to work.

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Technical Support

Is Razorleaf Right For You?

We are experts in PLM, PDM, Design Automation, Integrations, Digital Twins and more.
Find out how we can help your company today.

The C-suite is critical to the success of an organization’s digital transformation, regardless of the size of the company. Your role is to lay the groundwork for more efficient organizations, new markets, and improved outcomes. As a result, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, and CIOs are uniquely positioned to provide the strategic vision for adapting new technologies, streamlining operations, and improving customer experiences.

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Engineering managers play a critical role in structuring an organization’s products and services around digital transformation. The C-suite outlines the vision, but the implementation lies with the executive muscle of the organization – engineering. The process must be directed by people who understand technology and how to handle change. You will need to assemble and manage a team with a skill set aligned to a myriad of issues, including new product development, risk assessment and mitigation, innovation management, IP security, and more.

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IT is the heart and soul of the product lifecycle, bridging processes from conceptual design to simulation analysis to production. Yet challenges abound. How can you guarantee a secure environment that protects your data and infrastructure? What happens when the CAD files can’t be viewed? How is data segregated and stored? How do you get the performance needed to deliver information exactly when and where it’s needed?

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Process planners serve a key role in developing an organization’s competitive advantage. Manufacturing is expected to streamline operations, reduce costs, increase supply chain efficiencies, and improve employee productivity. At the same time, answers are needed for specific problems. Who is involved in the change management process? How do you collect the right data package? What happens when the CAD files can’t be viewed? How can you avoid duplicate data entry?

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Core PLM System Partners

Razorleaf develops key strategic alliances that effectively brings all components of the PLM solution to our customers.
Partner firms are carefully and fully evaluated for product quality, pricing, and service.

Learn – Resources & Thought Leadership

DriveWorks 17 Revealed

Razorleaf has obtained exclusive information on DriveWorks 17 PreRelease only available to Razorleaf (or anyone else that attended the DriveWorks World conference in Chicago, or select individuals that attended SOLIDWORKS World, and a few others). Well it’s time to break the silence and release the 411 on DriveWorks 17.

Is PLM Ever Done?

I was reading #ACECON19 tweets this week and saw one that asked the question "is a PLM implementation ever done?" On one hand, if the answer is no, that's pretty scary from a project and ROI perspective.

No Excel Add-In for HoloLens

My favorite quote from Peter Schroer of Aras from ACE 2019 is, “There is no Excel Add-in for HoloLens.” What Peter is referring to, of course, is Microsoft’s ubiquitous spreadsheet and their maturing entry into the world of MR (Mixed Reality).

What Do Our Clients Think?

Razorleaf helped Kawasaki complete another ENOVIA upgrade, and as usual, Razorleaf did an excellent job.

David Rash, Kawasaki Motors Corp.

I have found Razorleaf to be very, very valuable to us on many occasions. Since 2007, Razorleaf has helped L&M with system support, software upgrades, and solution configuration that has yielded great business value. From a technical and personal standpoint I give Razorleaf very high marks.

Tom Haapoja, L&M Radiator, Inc.

The Razorleaf team worked quickly with us to understand our requirements and specifications, then assembled these into practical, realistic solutions.

Bob Noland, Lincoln Electric

Parata is constantly improving and iterating its products; this generates a lot of ECO activity along with quick changes in scope and priority. We needed our PLM system to accommodate this type of work environment, and allow us to both cancel a change and add/remove items freely. These features were critical to Parata, enough that we implemented the Razorleaf ECO toolkit immediately following our initial Aras launch.

Paul Sheehy, Parata Systems
[The Razorleaf consultant] was there to help us understand our own needs, to help us ask the right questions and understand what we needed to be knowledgeable about, and to determine whether the candidates [PLM vendors] we had visited with had offerings that would meet our needs.”

John Salazar

Razorleaf was very helpful in understanding my detailed requirements, and in helping me understand my requirements better. I thought I had defined what I needed out of a PDM system, but they dug one level deeper to help me think about exactly what types of licenses I needed and how people would use the system. This is more than I expected, and I appreciated it.

Sam Namala, Qubica AMF