Connect All Your PLM Processes with CLOVER

CLOVER is a proven, scalable PLM Integration Platform that enables a smarter extension of your business processes across Any System, Any Business Unit, and Any Domain. It is designed specifically to synchronize, integrate, and manage your product development processes to create a digital thread throughout your enterprise. Whether you need to connect to PDM, CAD, MES, CRM, Legacy or any other enterprise system, CLOVER extends the value of your PLM investment.

What is your PLM Integration Strategy? Watch the CLOVER video.

Simplify the Complex

CLOVER is a smarter, faster Integration Platform. It is a cross-domain, vendor neutral platform that requires very little customization and can be launched in as little as a week. Configure even the most complex business processes with the greatest flexibility.

Scalable, Flexible Platform

CLOVER architecture improves performance and service availability. Whether it’s in the cloud or on-premise, CLOVER meets corporate IT architecture and security standards. With an unlimited number of distributed job processors, the CLOVER environment will perform optimally and scale as needed across your enterprise.

Enable the Digital Thread

Digitalization is key to having a competitive advantage. CLOVER provides better synchronization and integration between your disparate systems. Managing your processes with CLOVER will reduce your development time and get your products to market faster.

Top Reasons to Consider CLOVER

  • Increases process efficiency
  • Enhances employee productivity
  • Enables seamless end-to-end data flow
  • Improves business decisions
  • Quickly digitalize your processes

CLOVER will help pass data and manage processes for activities such as:

  • Create and extract large file/data packages
  • Publish and/or transfer part data and CAD files to downstream systems (MRP/ERP/CRM)
  • Create assemblies/BOMs in ERP upon part introduction in PLM
  • Design a single change management workflow across PDM, PLM, and ERP systems
  • Publish product data and PDF file renditions to SharePoint or any other central product library
  • Migrate files and data into or out of PLM