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Proper training is the key for users and administrators to reach full productivity with any software tool. Razorleaf ensures that your organization maximizes its investment in process and technology with world-class training for your skilled professionals who put the technology to work.

Razorleaf training services are specifically targeted to your organization, designed to help your users gain the skills that match their specific needs quickly and cost-effectively. Trainers tailor the courses to ensure that students can put theory into practice under day-to-day conditions. In short, Razorleaf training is education that delivers targeted results.

Our software and process training methodology incorporates lecture, demonstration, and hands-on and interactive exercises that require trainee participation, which ensures that students claim more ownership in the implementation. Training options include pre-implementation workshops to generate support while providing critical background to in-depth user and administrator training.

Razorleaf training provides:

  • Small class sizes that provide greater personal attention
  • Each trainee with a dedicated workstation for more hands-on experience
  • Custom and regularly scheduled courses
  • Convenient training locations

Quality Instructors

At Razorleaf, our training team consists of software and implementation experts who bring their real-world experience to bear in the classroom environment. Razorleaf trainers provide the best mix of interpersonal skills, product knowledge, and process insight.

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