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Razorleaf’s Digital Thread – And Your Enhanced Production

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Whether they’re on opposite sides of the building or opposite sides of the globe, design teams can now collaborate off the same data.

They’re making products better, faster and cheaper – all thanks to digitalization.

One digital thread can weave through an entire product’s life cycle, connecting each decision to the next, from concept through design and all the way to servicing.

And groups of those digital threads can weave into digital twins, virtualizations of real world products that enable predictive maintenance, efficient product servicing, and increased profitability.

And while it’s clear that digital threads and twins can transform a business, they require a lot of planning and foundational work to get ready for the deluge of data they unleash.

And that’s where Razorleaf comes in.

The experts at Razorleaf blend CAD data, PLM, MES, ERP, IoT and manage its flows so that digital threads can emerge.

Our product-agnostic consultants help you strategize for the challenges of creating your digital thread, building digital twins, and establishing your model-based enterprise.

With the understanding that comes from a single source of truth, you can quickly transform and accelerate your team’s communication, design, and production.

Call us today to schedule a roadmapping session for your organization.

As many organizations digitalize their engineering and product development processes, the need for a traceable, reliable digital thread becomes a critical element in turning a corner in digital transformation. Knowing how, when, and why product decisions were made can become a very important factor when innovating on existing designs. It becomes even more critical when you are pulling up older product designs from previous years.

  • Why did this drawing change?
  • When did this design change occur?
  • Why was this material changed?
  • What was wrong with the previous material?

A comprehensive digital thread enables an engineering team to fully record and trace the product development process from start to finish. It provides a mechanism to collect all relevant documents, files, and contextual information that go into how products move from one stage of the process to the next. This data is typically stored in a PLM system, which is designed to manage and support engineering design processes.

Let the experts at Razorleaf assist you on your journey. We can help you identify what data, files and contextual information are needed to support your engineering processes. We will help identify all integration points needed for success, and bring all the moving parts together to achieve a thread that represents the development of products or processes in your organization.

Razorleaf’s Digital Thread

1. Requirements Traceability

Capturing, decomposing, and allocating requirements is critical to communicating effectively from the start of a product definition project. Tying those granular requirements into the downstream design components, virtual tests, and validation plans (traceability) allows a team to move seamlessly between inputs and outputs during the product lifecycle.