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Razorleaf’s PART for SharePoint was designed to evaluate your SQL Server environment, look for areas where your configuration is not optimal for SharePoint’s needs, report these issues to you, and allow you to tune SQL Server so that it can provide the best SharePoint performance possible. Please note: the Standard version will be emailed to you by a consultant after your purchase, while the Lite version will be available for download immediately.


About Part for SharePoint

Poor SharePoint performance is a major roadblock to user adoption and project success. Since every mouse click and activity in SharePoint requires multiple database queries, it is easy to see why SQL Server problems are often at the root of SharePoint performance problems. Couple this with the fact that many of the database configuration settings required for SharePoint are contrary to SQL Server’s default settings, and there’s no doubt why so many people experience poor SharePoint performance.

The good news is that if your SQL Server database is configured correctly for SharePoint, you’ve done almost everything there is to do to improve the performance of SharePoint and SharePoint-based applications like Winshuttle or Project Server. The bad news is that configuring SQL Server for SharePoint is counterintuitive. Razorleaf’s PART for SharePoint was designed to evaluate your SQL Server environment, look for areas where your configuration is not optimal for SharePoint’s needs, report these issues to you, and allow you to tune SQL Server so that it can provide the best SharePoint performance possible.


  1. PART for SharePoint quickly identifies problem areas with your SharePoint environment and validates that best practices are being followed

  2. Hardware, SQL Server instance and database configuration checks expose potential problems within the ENTIRE system BEFORE they occur

  3. PART for SharePoint enables you to track the key performance characteristics of your SharePoint system over time allowing you to maintain optimal performance rather than getting a one-time bump in speed

  4. Aggregated and codified knowledge and best practices from around the Web save you time and energy when squeezing the last drop of performance out of your SharePoint hardware

  5. PART for SharePoint helps you avoid the trap of locally optimizing your SharePoint system – simply maximizing SQL Server performance or Windows performance will NOT optimize SharePoint performance


SharePoint 2007 – 2013

SQL Server 2008 and greater


Admin level access to SharePoint database instances

.NET Framework 4.5


Q: How much does PART for SharePoint cost?
A: PART for SharePoint is offered in multiple editions, including a free edition called PART for SharePoint Lite. PART for SharePoint Lite is free to use as many times as you would like, and it performs a comprehensive examination of your SQL Server environment to provide you with assessment grades for each area that it examines.
Q: Will PART for SharePoint modify my SQL Server environment?
A: No. PART for SharePoint Lite makes no changes to your environment. Other editions of PART for SharePoint include services to aid you in making the appropriate changes to SQL Server to improve your SharePoint performance.
Q: How does PART for SharePoint determine the grades?
A: PART for SharePoint includes algorithms and logic developed by our experienced, certified SharePoint Professionals and SQL Server DBAs. Our team distilled years of experience with SharePoint, SQL Server, and server hardware along with best practices provided by Microsoft, and put together a grading system proven to be accurate in multiple real-world SharePoint implementations.
Q: Why do I need this? Can’t I just read Microsoft’s best practices and make the changes myself?
A: There is nothing secret about our methods, but PART for SharePoint could save you hundreds of hours of research and testing, and we bring years of experience to bear on which settings are critical and which ones are incidental. There are literally hundreds of blog posts, Tech Net articles, whitepapers, and other sources of information on this specific topic available on the Web today. Of course the trick is knowing which pieces of information to consider and how to rank those in terms of relevancy to your situation. Why not leave that work to PART for SharePoint? Our DBAs and SharePoint administrators have done the homework for you and read the Tech Net articles, blog posts, and other expert recommendations. Beyond having read about the topic, our team has tried out various tips, tweaks, and configurations in the real world – so we know what works and what doesn’t work.
Q: Does PART for SharePoint provide ongoing monitoring?
A: While a real-time monitoring agent is not yet available, we are planning its release. If you are interested, please contact us for more information or to be notified when the agent is released. In the meantime, run PART on a regular schedule to give your SharePoint environment a quick checkup. PART will let you know you are approaching key thresholds and help you to plan maintenance tasks before problems occur.
Q: PART for SharePoint found a problem. Now what?
A: If you are using PART for SharePoint Lite we encourage you to contact us about upgrading to the Standard edition. With PART for SharePoint Standard, our consulting staff will help you evaluate the severity of the problem and establish a plan to fix the problem. In many cases, your PART for SharePoint Standard purchase will even cover having us fix the problems for you (depending on the severity and complexity of the issues).
Q: What special rights, privileges, or access do I need to run PART for SharePoint?
A: Since PART for SharePoint will be looking at administrative settings, you’ll need administrative-level access to the system. In particular, you’ll need to have Administrator access to each SQL Server instance which supports SharePoint.
Q: What if my SharePoint content is sensitive? Does PART for SharePoint capture my SharePoint data?
A: You can rest assured that your SharePoint data remains safe and secure with PART for SharePoint. PART never looks at specific metadata or content stored in your SharePoint environment – it is only inspecting configuration parameters and settings. On top of that, you provide the security context for running the tool (you must be logged in with appropriate access for the tool to work), so we don’t store any accounts or passwords for your system.

Features List

  • PART for SharePoint exposes which SQL Server settings are killing your SharePoint performance. The “Application Aware” tool inspects more than 2 dozen commonly misconfigured database and hardware settings which are critical to SharePoint performance.
  • PART for SharePoint grades each key performance-related metric within the context of the overall system. The Lite edition identifies which areas are killing your performance. The Standard edition exposes detailed reports within each area to help you start solving problems.
  • PART for SharePoint keeps a history of its data and reports so that you can establish a baseline, and inspect performance improvements in your SharePoint system over time.
  • PART for SharePoint aggregates information from hundreds of articles, blogs, TechNet posts, and best practices into a single set of key metrics which have the strongest impact on SharePoint performance.


PART for SharePoint is available in two editions: Lite and Standard. Lite provides a summary grade and is free to download and use as many times, on as many SharePoint and SQL Server instances, as you like.

The Standard version provides deeper insight into the summary grade and includes a consultation with our DBA staff – not only will we list the problem areas; we will provide the expertise and experience needed to guide you toward long-term optimization.


Product Types

Lite, Standard


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