Have you been in the position where your ECO is ‘In Work’ but you realize that you either need to Add or Remove an Affected Item or Cancel the change as a whole? 

Aras does a great job of providing standard functionality for Change Management as a part of their Product Engineering solution.  This functionality works very well for many companies but there are some requirements that can be a challenge to address.

Introducing Express ECO Toolkit for Aras InnovatorEXPRESS ECO

Over time, Razorleaf has built up a toolset of ECO enhancements to fill these needs using Aras Innovator’s flexibility for those who want to use the Express ECO.  Here are a few of the tools in the toolkit:

‘Affected Item’ Floating 

Allows for the new revision of an affected item to automatically replace the old revision on the parents of that affected item without having to put the parents on the change or increasing their revisions.  While this might go against the sensibilities of some, there are many companies who manage change this way globally or on a limited basis with commodity components.

Add ‘Affected Items’ to In-Work ECO 

When using the standard all-in-one change processes, once the change has entered an activity which has triggered the state changes and revisions of the affected items, affected items can no longer be added to or removed from the change.  This tool allows for new affected items to be added to the ‘In-Work’ change without having to start a new change.  This can be very useful if an ECO investigation fails to turn up all of the parts that would be impacted or a mid-process design change shifts which parts need to be changed.

Remove ‘Affected Items’ from In-Work ECO 

Similar to adding affected items, it can also be useful to be able to remove affected items from being changed.  This tool provides that ability.  Although the item no longer undergoes a change the item is kept as a record on the change for informational purposes while rolling back the states and revisions of the item.

Cancel In-Work ECO 

This tool builds on the ability to remove affected items and permits an entire change to be cancelled leaving all of the affected items in their pre-change conditions.

All together, these tools provide additional flexibility that many companies are finding beneficial for their change processes and how they interact with Innovator.  The customers working with the toolkit appreciate being able to manipulate the status of In-Work change orders to better reflect the work processes in their business.

Get Your Toolkit 

This toolkit is available for Aras Innovator users immediately.  The toolkit contains all four features, but they can be purchased separately.  To learn more about this tool, please complete the form below, and someone from our Aras team will be in touch.  We will have a few questions about your Aras Innovator environment and change order process.

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