Screenshot provided by KISTERS AG – the source data provided by and used with permission of the Boeing Company.

You can now enjoy all the advantages of Kisters 3DViewStation integrated into the Aras Innovator PLM Platform with the 3DViewStation Connector for ARAS Innovator from Razorleaf

As an ARAS Innovator user, you want to take advantage of all the benefits of PLM including the relationships between CAD and item centric product data and processes. Kisters 3DViewStation will help you to maximise these benefits with greater efficiency and compliant processes across your enterprise.

Use ARAS Innovator to search on meta data or structural information, then with a single click, visualize the 3D part or assembly instantly; in the 3DVS cached visualisation mode or directly viewing native CAD data or in a neutral format, e.g., JT, 3D-PDF or STEP.

Users want to be able to see an ultra fast, easy to manipulate 3D rendering of the product. This is where the integration of Kisters 3DViewStation into the ARAS Innovation PLM platform comes into play.

Using the Kisters Automation Server, 3DViewStation Connector for ARAS Innovator dynamically converts all native CAD data, as it is checked into Innovator, into the lightweight 3DVS format to maximize viewing performance: files become extremely small, and even the most complex assemblies are loaded in under 1 second (pure load time, without ARAS transaction times).

It is super easy to visualize, analyse, measure, section, perform accurate geometric-compare of different file versions, define pre-views, add annotations and 3D mark-ups, plus many other DMU functionalities.   Kisters 3DViewStation is proving itself as the highest performance and most reliable solution on the market today for standalone or PLM/ERP/MRO embedded 3D CAD viewing.

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This Connector is available as a subscription purchase as other 3rd party products for ARAS are. To learn more about this product and to get pricing and installation costs, please complete the form below, and someone from our ARAS team will be in touch. We will have a few questions about your ARAS Innovator environment and 3DViewStation installation.

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