The Razorleaf Difference: How We Get It Done

Many companies treat Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) as an information technology (IT) development project. Yes, IT will play a major role in implementation, but PLM must be owned across the core business functions: R&D, manufacturing, finance, supply chain, and more. PLM is also not vendor-specific. A successful PLM project requires a team with a mix of skills, from change management to business operations to engineering.

This is where Razorleaf makes a difference. Our team of experts blends an understanding about your current processes with in-depth knowledge about industry best practices. We start by getting everyone speaking the same language, e.g. is this a CAD question or missing data issue. We develop an iterative, collaborative process that gathers feedback from all interested parties and incorporates any course corrections that are needed. The result is an open, honest relationship where conversations are productive and focus on methodology. After hundreds of implementations, Razorleaf has honed this methodology to avoid typical failures, like complex, unusable user interfaces and overly long approval processes.

Find out how The Razorleaf Difference helps our team get things done with our PLM Services

PLM Planning
To successfully implement leading-edge technologies in order to increase competitive advantage and boost profits, you need a team that knows how to leverage PLM technologies to deliver on your corporate objectives.
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PLM Implementation
Implementation is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Data must be carefully integrated and safeguarded. The experts at Razorleaf have the skills to perform detailed architecture planning and the experience to implement to your specific requirements.
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