Voting in EPDM Workflow

SolidWorks’ Enterprise PDM (EPDM) system allows you to capture electronic signatures and date/time stamps on documents as they progress through the system’s integrated workflow.  This information can be captured in the form of variables on the document’s data card.  These variables can then be written to the file properties (Word, Excel, SolidWorks, and AutoCAD) and/or […]

EPDM Workflow and Rev Blocks

The SolidWorks Enterprise PDM (EPDM) workflow can be used to automatically show revision history by populating the revision block table on your drawings.  By configuring a set of variables to hold current and past revision information, and setting those variables in a workflow process, you can free designers from the tedious process of putting revision […]

Your Process Stinks. You Need to Change it.

Yup, I said it. Your company’s processes STINK.  They are slow, inefficient, and have been around since the company started.  Some  are “organic” processes that have developed out of the need to get things done, while others have been implemented to fix a problem, prevent problems, or increase efficiency on getting products out the door. […]

Razorleaf Speaks at CIC 2009

Longview Advisors recently held their 2009 Collaboration & Interoperability Conference in Estes Park, Colorado, wrapping up the event on May 20th. Derek Neiding of Razorleaf co-presented with Wes Shimanek of Intel and Don Richardson of Microsoft at the event’s Post-Conference Workshop on Mobility Technology. Each presented a topic relevant to the session’s mobility theme: enabling […]

Razorleaf Helps AMF Bowling Score a Strike with SmarTeam

Razorleaf Helps AMF Bowling Score a Strike with SmarTeam

The equipment behind the scenes in bowling alleys is often complex and comprised of thousands of distinct parts. The pinspotter alone includes more than 3,800 different parts. A lack of organization was causing chaos and costing the company valuable time to market.

To help the company’s engineers manage the complexity of finding parts and designing new ones, the company partnered with Razorleaf Corporation, experts in product data management (PDM). Razorleaf helped the company bring order to the chaos by assisting with the implementation of ENOVIA SmarTeam PDM software and customizing the software to meet the company’s needs.

Longview Advisors Adds Extended Session for CIC 09

Intel, Microsoft, Lenovo, Razorleaf to host in-depth workshop on mobility technology Loveland, CO March 16, 2009 – Longview Advisors, organizers of the annual Collaboration & Interoperability Conference and Exhibition (CIC), today announced an additional event to its 2009 agenda, “The Latest in Mobility Technology.” Hosted by Intel, Microsoft, Lenovo and Razorleaf, the post-conference workshop will […]