Aras Releases SP 1 for Innovator 9.2.0

In June 2010, Aras announced the release of Service Pack 1 for Innovator 9.2.0. The service pack resolved several issues identified by subscribers, but its primary objective was to introduce the new vault replication functionality.  Continue Reading

Multiple Vaults in Aras Innovator for Global PLM Support

The majority of businesses these days have a need to manage documents in at least one location other than the “main” site. If the documents have any size to them, the vaulting process can be very painful and time consuming, regardless of the PLM system in use. Luckily, most PLM systems, including Aras Innovator, have the ability to house vaults in multiple locations to support such a multi-site environment.  This allows for the vaulting operations to be moved local to the user, saving time and money. Continue Reading

Getting Legacy CAD Data into EPDM

Congratulations, you have just purchased and successfully implemented EPDM!  The next item on the list is getting all the legacy SolidWorks files into the EPDM system so that they can be accessed, managed, work-flowed, and version/revision controlled.  Everyone knows that one of the big ease-of-use functions in EPDM is the ability to drag and drop files, or cut and paste them from one location to another.  This works GREAT for flat files with no references, such as Microsoft Office documents, txt files, pictures, etc.  However, when you begin to bring in CAD files with part, assembly, and drawing relationships, it gets a little more difficult.  If you happen to have all the files for an assembly in the same folder (parts, sub-assy, assy-drawings, part drawings) then the above method works just as well for SolidWorks files.
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Advanced Product Data Management Engines

From the last post on this topic, we’ve collected five basic “engines” at work in even the simplest Product Data Management (PDM) systems that manage CAD files:

  • File vaulting
  • CAD relationship interpretation
  • Multi-document file vaulting
  • Lifecycle
  • Security

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Did You Realize that EPDM is Multi-CAD?

Enterprise PDM (EPDM) supports more than just your SolidWorks CAD platform. EPDM can handle any file type/extension inside the vault, but there are also Plug Ins and Add Ins for several popular CAD platforms. These integrations to other CAD platforms allow EPDM to successfully manage part, assembly, and drawing relationships as well as Xrefs in the case of AutoCAD. Below you will find a list of supported CAD platforms and integrations.
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Releasing EPDM Licenses

EPDM has two methods for releasing a license. The first method, which is true for most software, releases a license when the user logs off the EPDM system. Please take note of the term “logs off.” Simply closing the Windows Explorer window in which the “blueberry” is accessed, does not log the user off the system and, therefore, does not release the license. When you close the Explorer Window, there will still be a blueberry icon in the bottom right of the computer’s task bar. Exiting the system requires the user to right click on the above-mentioned blueberry, and then select “log off” and the appropriate vault name. Even if the user has accessed the system through a CAD integration and not used the Explorer window, this method is still required to log off the system. Continue Reading

Securing the Crown Jewels

Security is important to nearly all companies, however for some it is most important aspect of their business systems. If their data can’t be protected while it’s being shared, they would rather not share it. So it is for one of Razorleaf’s clients in the Energy sector. As many people in that business will attest, experienced and talented engineers will frequently work at more than one company within a group of competitors during their career. Continue Reading