Multiple Vaults in Aras Innovator for Global PLM Support

The majority of businesses these days have a need to manage documents in at least one location other than the “main” site. If the documents have any size to them, the vaulting process can be very painful and time consuming, regardless of the PLM system in use. Luckily, most PLM systems, including Aras Innovator, have […]

Getting Legacy CAD Data into EPDM

Congratulations, you have just purchased and successfully implemented EPDM!  The next item on the list is getting all the legacy SolidWorks files into the EPDM system so that they can be accessed, managed, work-flowed, and version/revision controlled.  Everyone knows that one of the big ease-of-use functions in EPDM is the ability to drag and drop […]

Did You Realize that EPDM is Multi-CAD?

Enterprise PDM (EPDM) supports more than just your SolidWorks CAD platform. EPDM can handle any file type/extension inside the vault, but there are also Plug Ins and Add Ins for several popular CAD platforms. These integrations to other CAD platforms allow EPDM to successfully manage part, assembly, and drawing relationships as well as Xrefs in […]

Why Do I Need View Temp. Copy in SmarTeam

SmarTeam provides many different ways to open and view documents from the vault, which can make it cumbersome for the casual user to figure out which command to use to accomplish the task at hand. Organizations using SmarTeam typically train users with a task-based approach and relate specific SmarTeam commands to accomplish the task so […]

Selectively Replicating Files in EPDM

EPDM 2009 includes several new options for file replication between remote sites. In the 2008 release, the administrator can set up the replication based on the folder and sub-folders in the system. In 2009, in addition to selective folder replication, the administrator can now set up replication rules that are based on the workflow state […]