How Many Do You Need?

The wonderful thing about design automation, is that we can work with so many situations where we handle a large number of unknowns. The frustrating thing about design automation is that we can work with so many situations where we handle a large number of unknowns. 

ENOVIA SmarTeam SQLMonitor

ENOVIA SmarTeam Editor constantly interacts with the underlying database server to send and retrieve data. It can be very useful to monitor the SQL statements the application uses to interact with the database, especially in a troubleshooting scenario. This article describes the step-by-step process for enabling the SQLMonitor capabilities of ENOVIA SmarTeam Editor. 

Oracle Database Report for SmarTeam

For those of you running an Oracle database as your repository for SmarTeam, check out this helpful utility.  The SmarTeam Database Oracle General Report tool is a collection of plain text files containing batch commands and SQL statements that can generate a detailed HTML report of key Oracle statuses and settings.  The tool is available […]

Resetting ID Fields in SQL Server

Part numbers, quotation numbers, item numbers, revisions, serial numbers…they’re all sequential values that need to be unique, and need to be tracked. In most cases (Design Automation, Product Data Management, CRM, etc.) this means the creation of a database table to hand out and track these identifying numbers and their related data. To ensure that the […]

Using SQL Replace

Have you ever wanted to globally replace one value with another inside of a database? Have you ever wanted to globally alter string data replacing one word with another in a database? If so, the SQL Replace statement could be just what you’re looking for!

Get Access to SQL Server With Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is a wonderful thing. It looks, smells, and tastes like a comfortable Excel spreadsheet. But once you get past the wonderful interface, you find out that as databases go, Access really isn’t up to the power demanded by most applications. So when we go to create a supporting database for a design automation […]

Working with Tabular Data in DriveWorks

“A good engineer knows nothing, but knows where to look up everything.” This is one of the few things I remember a professor telling me. (Why that professor did not have open book exams remains a mystery, though.) Your design automations should always strive to be good engineers and, as a result, will frequently have to look up values. DriveWorks provides a few methods to do this, but which is best for you?

Re-synching Replicated Tables in ENVOVIA SmarTeam Multi-Site

It is possible for replicated tables in an ENOVIA SmarTeam Multi-Site environment to get out-of-sync with each other. Although we can’t provide a complete list of the causes, it is possible for intermittent outages, cleared replication errors, and unresolved conflicts to lead to this situation. Fortunately, it’s not a serious issue, and shouldn’t interrupt day-to-day […]