SolidWorks Enterprise PDM offers a number of ways to work with BOMs (Bills of Materials).  For a while, SolidWorks Enterprise PDM (and its previous incarnation, Conisio) offered only EPDM Document BOMs.  However, in EPDM 2008 (aka PDMWorks Enterprise 2008), SolidWorks introduced the Item Explorer, along with Items and Item BOMs.  This logical extension of Enterprise […]

SolidWorks BOMs and EPDM BOMs

Bills of Materials (BOMs) are a tricky subject since different industries, and companies within those industries have unique standards for how their BOMs and parts lists are documented.  SolidWorks Corporation has done quite of job of creating different tools to support different types of BOMs and BOM methodologies.  There are tools in SolidWorks itself (the […]

Organizing CAD Models for Design Automation

The purpose of a design automation system is to control different aspects, or parameters, of your CAD models. These could be dimensions, features, component instances, and more. Creating a truly powerful and profitable automation requires a good number of parameters. Keeping track of these parameters can get tricky, so some CAD model organization techniques are […]

DriveWorks Live: Now Appearing on the Internet

When users start out with DriveWorks, the focus is frequently to save some mouse clicks and File -> Save As commands in SolidWorks. But it doesn’t take long for people to realize the greater potential with design automation (DA). Many times, the biggest business gain from design automation comes in the ability to quickly capture complete and accurate […]

Tacton’s TCsite for Quoting

Sales Configurators configure products. They understand product structure. They understand the interrelations between and within components in your product. And they guide your users through the process of developing an optimal and completely manufacturable way for you to make money. But when it comes to generating a quotation with multiple line items and multiple configured […]