Fear of the Engineering Cloud

Fear seems to be a big part of the engineering-on-the-cloud discussion, at least in the blogosphere and on discussion boards.  But I think there are two different fears that need to be addressed.  The first fear, the fear of losing your intellectual property, can be overcome and it is what I would call an “unhealthy” […]

SmarTeam Workflow Object Security

SmarTeam “workflow security” and “workflow sharing” settings can provide powerful capabilities or cause serious headaches related to object-level security.  By preventing users outside of the workflow from accessing objects active in the workflow process, or by preventing objects from participating in more than one workflow at a time, these features can do a lot to […]

Folder-based Security in EPDM

 The EPDM Security model for folders is similar, but not identical to folder security in Microsoft Windows.  Folder access does have the standard read/write permissions as well as a laundry list of granular check boxes that help the EPDM Administrator control visibility and change access to the files inside a folder and even changes made […]

Levels of Security in PLM

Security is important in PLM systems because of the nature of the records they maintain. By keeping the recipes for valuable products and product elements, PLM can house the fundamental source of a business’ revenue. Naturally, every business wants to keep its “secret sauce” safe and protected from prying eyes. In some cases, the security […]