PTC Introduces Creo

If you’re a 3D CAD user, you no doubt recognize the name PTC, or at the very least, Pro/ENGINEER.  But with the recent announcement by PTC of their new product line, Creo, the Pro/E brand’s days have become numbered.  Creo is a new line of products based on technology from PTC’s three main design and viewing brands, Pro/ENGINEER, ProductView, and CoCreate.  Creo was introduced October 28th, 2010 (known up until the launch date as “Project Lightning”) and is slated to be delivered in 2011.  Those are the basics, but what is this really all about and why is it important in the PLM industry?  Continue Reading

3DVIA Sync and Automated Deliverables

A common problem many companies face is the ability to have deliverable documents, like web images, catalogs, and technical illustrations, mirror their final product.  Because of the dynamic nature of design and engineering, it is often a struggle to keep this downstream output up-to-date without utilizing some type of automation. Using 3DVIA Sync ensures changes that have been made in the upstream CAD systems are reflected in the downstream content created in 3DVIA Composer.  Continue Reading

Quality Gets a Boost with InspectionXpert

Whether you’re among the ranks of Engineering or Quality, creating inspection sheets can be a real pain.  InspectionXpert is a valuable tool for automating processes around inspection sheets, and worth a look if your industry requires documented inspections.  Continue Reading

Leveraging 3D CAD Downstream

Engineering isn’t done just for engineering’s sake, so it is critical for engineering deliverables to make it outside to marketing, sales, and even out to the customer.  Tools like 3DVia Composer are great for more directly connecting engineering content with the consumers that need it, and doing so in a way that saves everyone time and reduces costly mistakes.  Continue Reading

Reduce-Reuse-Recycle… Data?

Recycle Icon GlossyI’ve sold and demo’ed it all. SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER, SDRC, Autodesk, you name it. And one of the biggest selling points that we had for parametrics was the argument for data reuse. “Why would you spend all day doing File, Save As when you can build once and use as many times as you want?” Besides, its popular to recycle these days – even if you’re just recycling data.  Continue Reading

What to Do When You Can’t Trust Your Viewer

One of Razorleaf’s clients recently encountered a small software glitch that led to a big problem for their business. Here’s the short version. A user printed a drawing from the viewer in their PDM system, and the hardcopy print showed bad data so the part was made incorrectly. The impact was significant: a $50,000 piece of scrap.
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