Why Can’t I Use SharePoint for PDM/PLM?

In my conversations with clients and prospects this is a question I frequently get asked. At its surface, SharePoint seems like an equal to PDM/PLM. It has the ability to manage files, file access and revisions. It has the ability to track meta data about files or records and it has a workflow engine. Isn’t this basically what a simple PDM or PLM system do?

Partner Spotlight: MLC CAD Systems Helps Solve Complex Data Management, CAD and PLM Problems with Razorleaf

One of Razorleaf’s longest standing partnerships since 2002, MLC CAD Systems of Tempe Arizona, is a leading reseller and service provider of CAD, CAM, and Additive Manufacturing solutions. Razorleaf and MLC CAD Systems have teamed up numerous times over the course of the relationship to help clients implement PDM, CAD, Design Automation technologies.

Microsoft HoloLens for Engineering

Technophiles the world over are buzzing about Microsoft’s announcement of the HoloLens product. This holographic augmented reality platform is bubbling with cool factor, but could have a significant impact on engineering and manufacturing software.

Inforbix Gets Started

For those of you familiar with the key players at Dassault, ENOVIA, and SmarTeam over the years, you probably know Oleg Shilovitsky.  Oleg is the former Chief Technology Officer for SmarTeam, and is one of the founders of a new product data applications company, Inforbix.  Simply put, Inforbix is in the early stages of developing […]

SolidWorks EPDM 2011 Launched

For avid SolidWorks users, this certainly isn’t the first announcement related to the launch of SolidWorks 2011.  But as you might expect, this article is more focused on the latest release of Enterprise PDM than on the release of SolidWorks itself.  It appears that EPDM 2011 will be another solid release of SolidWorks’ flagship PDM solution, […]

When Search Gets Personal

Most people have come to expect that search results change from one day to the next.  With millions of web pages being created annually, it is not surprising that search results would vary in this way.  But many people are surprised to learn that search results can differ from person to person also.  If you […]

Multiple Vaults in Aras Innovator for Global PLM Support

The majority of businesses these days have a need to manage documents in at least one location other than the “main” site. If the documents have any size to them, the vaulting process can be very painful and time consuming, regardless of the PLM system in use. Luckily, most PLM systems, including Aras Innovator, have […]