Rule Efficiency in Design Automation

One of the biggest complaints about design automation is performance. Companies are outraged that the tool runs for a whole hour to complete a process that used to take four to six weeks. Despite the obvious lack of perspective here, it is a design automation best practice to consider performance and optimize rules wherever possible. Several sources of performance degradation can be avoided with a little foresight.  Continue Reading

DriveWorks Solo Expands Automation Within SolidWorks

DriveWorks SoloDriveWorks has recently announced the introduction of a new product in the DriveWorks lineup. Completely embedded inside of SolidWorks, the new DriveWorks Solo allows you to create dynamic user interfaces that will run in the Task Pane on the right side of your SolidWorks window. DriveWorks Solo goes beyond what SolidWorks users have come to enjoy about DriveWorksXpress, allowing multiple models to be controlled by a single project and even supporting output documents beyond SolidWorks models and drawings. Continue Reading

Reduce-Reuse-Recycle… Data?

Recycle Icon GlossyI’ve sold and demo’ed it all. SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER, SDRC, Autodesk, you name it. And one of the biggest selling points that we had for parametrics was the argument for data reuse. “Why would you spend all day doing File, Save As when you can build once and use as many times as you want?” Besides, its popular to recycle these days – even if you’re just recycling data.  Continue Reading

Working with Tabular Data in DriveWorks

Stack of Books“A good engineer knows nothing, but knows where to look up everything.” This is one of the few things I remember a professor telling me. (Why that professor did not have open book exams remains a mystery, though.) Your design automations should always strive to be good engineers and, as a result, will frequently have to look up values. DriveWorks provides a few methods to do this, but which is best for you?

Continue Reading