Think Outside the Box…and the Company That Produces It

You analyze your processes, you tweak them, you redesign them, you implement improvements, but all you get is a meager return on your invested efforts. While you may have benefited from redesigning your internal processes, it doesn’t take long to realize that in most cases, it’s not your delays and errors that are the most […]

Difference Between a Configurator and New Rules-Driven Product Management Solutions?

A product configurator is software that guides a user through a decision tree, asking them yes/no and multiple-choice questions to determine which existing model to choose. The problem with this is that there are a finite number of options, the documentation of which needs to be developed before the decision tree is even built.

Razorleaf Services for PDMWorks

Razorleaf provides full support for PDMWorks including custom programming and development of tools to integrate PDMWorks and make it easier to use. One example is the Razorleaf PDMWorks Document Browser, which provides project-level document browsing and document search and viewing capabilities and has a similar look and feel to that of Windows Explorer.