Inforbix Gets Started

For those of you familiar with the key players at Dassault, ENOVIA, and SmarTeam over the years, you probably know Oleg Shilovitsky.  Oleg is the former Chief Technology Officer for SmarTeam, and is one of the founders of a new product data applications company, Inforbix.  Simply put, Inforbix is in the early stages of developing […]

PLM-ERP Communication with ENOVIA SmarTeam

The automated exchange of data between a PLM system and an ERP system is a goal many organizations spend a considerable amount of effort trying to achieve.  Most of the time, there are significant customizations involved with this effort.  ENOVIA SmarTeam’s Engineering Express (SNE) solution provides provides some out-of-the-box tools to help you achieve PLM-ERP communication with […]

BizTalk and SmarTeam Gateway Settings

We recently encountered an issue with using Microsoft BizTalk server to exchange data between SmarTeam and an ERP system. Here’s the scenario:

1) Smarteam Gateway sends a message to update items in an ERP system (Via Microsoft BizTalk Server)

2) ERP system sends an acknowledgement back to SmarTeam Gateway Inbound (Via Microsoft BizTalk Server).

The problem we encountered when doing this was the following error when a large number of messages are sent in rapid succession:

“Inbound Processor is not in appropriate state to start processing”

Razorleaf Helps Nuclear Power Toolmaker Use PDM Tools to Speed New Product Design

Razorleaf Helps Nuclear Power Toolmaker Use PDM Tools to Speed New Product Design

AREVA, a global provider of nuclear power services, plays a critical role in maintaining the nation’s 103 nuclear reactors, each of which is unique. As a result, the company must be able to quickly create new tools and custom-designed equipment to meet service requests, which are often unanticipated, and perform maintenance operations during scheduled shutdowns to avoid downtime. In addition to the quick turnaround of new tools, the company must also maintain accurate up-to-date documentation to abide by stringent industry regulations.

To help meet these demands, the company turned to Razorleaf to help them implement ENOVIA SmarTeam product data management (PDM) software. The software’s search capabilities helped AREVA quickly locate existing designs to use as a starting point for new designs. In addition, the SmarTeam’s revision management features enable the company to assess all versions of designs, who made what changes and when, which is extremely important for the company’s regulatory review process.

Enabling “Just Enough” Access

Most manufacturers already know what they need to share with suppliers and customers, they just don’t know how, or perhaps better said, don’t know the best way to share that data. That data is probably drawings, or perhaps a rendition of a drawing, product information, product structure or BOM information, etc. If you have implemented […]

The Life of a BOM

Many mechanical design companies think of the bill of materials (BOM) as a report of the components used in their design. Increasing levels of design sophistication and higher levels of cross-departmental communication has lead to a different view of this piece of product documentation. Actually, the piece of documentation isn’t viewed differently, but its contents […]

PDM Versus ERP

Since the introduction of the document/file management capabilities in ERP/MRP systems in the 1990’s, the debate has raged about where to keep product data. It is hard to argue with the fact that manufacturing needs access to drawings, specifications, and other technical information to be able to produce a company’s product. Conversely though, very few […]

Migrating to Advanced PLM

As those who have been involved in the PDM/PLM marketplace for any period of time can attest, the acronyms and related functionality morph frequently. Yesterday’s simple Technical Document Management (TDM) system is today’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) backbone. The trend we have been seeing over the last few years has been the strengthening of advanced […]