SolidWorks Assembly Mates for Design Automation

When creating your SolidWorks assembly master models and preparing them for automation, a lot of decisions need to be made in developing the best mating schemes. One important consideration in this development is the creation of the relations between components. The design intent in your models can be established by parameters that are driven by your automation tool, or by relations within SolidWorks.  Let’s dig into this a bit deeper to uncover some an important design automation best practice related to SolidWorks mating.  Continue Reading

Design Automation Myth

“Design automation tools are just configurators for finished 3D models and 2D drawings.”  Wow, if only we could get the Mythbusters to take a look at that one.  Nothing would explode, but that myth would certainly be busted.  Design automation goes far beyond the simple configurable design, and automation need not wait until a design is completed and fully documented to be valuable.  Continue Reading