Microsoft HoloLens for Engineering

Technophiles the world over are buzzing about Microsoft’s announcement of the HoloLens product. This holographic augmented reality platform is bubbling with cool factor, but could have a significant impact on engineering and manufacturing software.

Multi-Site and Multi-Vault in ENOVIA SmarTeam

Collaborating on a design project, around the world, is not simple.  There are vast distances, slow networks, lousy connections and the like.  Whether your collaboration requirements are regional, national or international, ENOVIA SmarTeam can address collaborative data sharing in a couple of unique ways. 

Office 2010 and Collaboration

Microsoft recently announced Office 2010, and is actively touting its benefits to the IT world.  Although many will bemoan this information as marketing hype about interface changes and inconsequential feature additions, there are some significant additions in the Office productivity suite that merit discussion in the PLM community.  In particular, deeper integration with Microsoft SharePoint […]

Razorleaf Speaks at CIC 2009

Longview Advisors recently held their 2009 Collaboration & Interoperability Conference in Estes Park, Colorado, wrapping up the event on May 20th. Derek Neiding of Razorleaf co-presented with Wes Shimanek of Intel and Don Richardson of Microsoft at the event’s Post-Conference Workshop on Mobility Technology. Each presented a topic relevant to the session’s mobility theme: enabling […]

Longview Advisors Adds Extended Session for CIC 09

Intel, Microsoft, Lenovo, Razorleaf to host in-depth workshop on mobility technology Loveland, CO March 16, 2009 – Longview Advisors, organizers of the annual Collaboration & Interoperability Conference and Exhibition (CIC), today announced an additional event to its 2009 agenda, “The Latest in Mobility Technology.” Hosted by Intel, Microsoft, Lenovo and Razorleaf, the post-conference workshop will […]

Enabling “Just Enough” Access

Most manufacturers already know what they need to share with suppliers and customers, they just don’t know how, or perhaps better said, don’t know the best way to share that data. That data is probably drawings, or perhaps a rendition of a drawing, product information, product structure or BOM information, etc. If you have implemented […]

Understanding SharePoint Permissions

Let’s say you are getting ready to roll out SharePoint to your department. During the roll out, SharePoint elements such as sites, libraries, and lists will need to be created, Web parts will need to be added and modified, and user permissions will need to be tweaked. Corporate IT could oversee these tasks, but the […]

Options for PDM Multi-Site Architectures

Most engineering and manufacturing businesses that need PDM expect they will need multi-site capabilities in their PDM system someday due to geographic expansion, mergers and acquisitions, etc. Just because a PDM vendor says they support multi-site functionality doesn’t mean they have the right architecture for your situation. To help you understand the options and what […]