Project Execution & Tracking in Autodesk PLM 360, Part 3 of 3: Using the Grid

Project with Men and WomanIn two previous posts on the topic of project execution and tracking in Autodesk PLM 360, we covered the benefits of Milestones and Project Management. While these methods provide a comprehensive solution for tracking projects that can provide much value-add, sometimes less is more! If the overhead of these methods seems to be greater than the benefit for a particular application—and all that is needed is a simple view of the task owner and whether the task is complete—you may want to consider using the Grid tab instead. In this video we’ll step through what this would look like in the tool.
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Project Execution & Tracking in Autodesk PLM 360, Part 2 of 3: Project Management

Project with Men and WomanIn a previous post we covered how Milestones can be used for project execution and tracking in Autodesk PLM 360. In today’s video we’ll take a close look at Project Management functionality, including Tasks with Milestones, to explore more functionality in the system. Project Management combined with Milestones in Autodesk PLM 360 provides all of the following: Continue Reading

Project Execution & Tracking in Autodesk PLM 360, Part 1 of 3: Using Milestones

Autodesk PLM 360 provides project execution and tracking through Project Management, Milestone, and Tasks functionalities. Moreover, Grid tab functionality can also be used to easily monitor completed tasks. Cool! But how do we break all these capabilities into
understandable chunks?Project with Men and Woman

This post and the next two
from me will be devoted to giving you the how and why of all these methods, so that you can more effectively administer project execution and tracking in your Autodesk PLM 360 implementation.

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Cloning Items: Playing the Game with Additional Owners

Additional Owners MarkupIn a previous post, we covered how to set up your Autodesk PLM 360 tenant to clone an item to a specific state in a workflow. If your organization makes use of the Additional Owners field and requires cloning it as well, you’ll need to do further configuration & scripting. Watch this video to understand the steps for cloning Additional Owners!
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Multiple Project Tracking in Autodesk PLM 360

Autodesk PLM 360 LogoAutodesk 360 Graph of Projects - Tiny

If your company manages high-volume, high-turnover projects, you may need a better method to keep track of all the projects; especially when it comes to knowing which ones are blocked or impeded. We recently helped a company configure Autodesk PLM 360 to store and manage their project data by:

  • Leveraging a custom-built workflow
  • Graphing the data to track the status of multiple (40+) projects in a single view

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Migrate the Few or Migrate the Masses: Import What You Need, How You Need to Autodesk PLM 360

wild-geese-589983_1280 SubsetAnother request we hear often is to migrate existing items to Autodesk PLM 360, bringing them in at whatever workflow state they are at—which more often than not is further down the line than the initial state. This is common when you want to migrate existing Change Orders, for example.
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Cloning Items: Getting the Right STATE of Mind

yoga-clip-art-1729876Well, we may not be able to help you get to any particular meditation state, but today we’ll delve into getting to certain workflow states. Do you ever find yourself in this scenario in your Autodesk PLM 360 tenant? You might have an item at a particular state in a workflow (say, state 3 out of 9) and you need to clone the item and make a very small change. When the change is of a type that previous workflow states do not need visited, you want the new item to pop to the same workflow state as the original item.  Continue Reading