Razorleaf Speaking at AU 2014

Here at Razorleaf, we’re involved in just about any kind of technology that can help engineering and manufacturing companies succeed, and that recently has started to include a number of PLM tools from Autodesk. In fact, we’ve had a number of successes with Autodesk’s PLM 360 product. One of our projects was notable enough that […]

Office 2010 and Collaboration

Microsoft recently announced Office 2010, and is actively touting its benefits to the IT world.  Although many will bemoan this information as marketing hype about interface changes and inconsequential feature additions, there are some significant additions in the Office productivity suite that merit discussion in the PLM community.  In particular, deeper integration with Microsoft SharePoint […]

Your Process Stinks. You Need to Change it.

Yup, I said it. Your company’s processes STINK.  They are slow, inefficient, and have been around since the company started.  Some  are “organic” processes that have developed out of the need to get things done, while others have been implemented to fix a problem, prevent problems, or increase efficiency on getting products out the door. […]

Open Source PLM a Real Option

Gone are the days when people simply accept conventional wisdom that mandated companies use commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software, because those companies couldn’t risk an open source solution.  Excuses such as available resources, regular releases, stable software, etc., just don’t cut it any longer.

What's Interesting about Next Generation Browsers?

The new generation of web browsers is faster with more features and is more “people” focused than browsers of the past. With the increase of social networking sites on the web, such as twitter, facebook and myspace, browsers such as Flock are integrating the user’s favorite social sites directly into the browser with easy, sometimes […]

PLM and PDM for the Engineering-Centric Enterprise

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software can help businesses of any size proactively manage their mission-critical intellectual property and control their product definitions to help them avoid problems and lost design cycle time due to unmanageable design and change processes. This whitepaper takes a closer look at PLM and product data management (PDM) technology, explaining each of the applications used to define and manage the data associated with products, from concept through retirement.

Razorleaf Helps AMF Bowling Score a Strike with SmarTeam

Razorleaf Helps AMF Bowling Score a Strike with SmarTeam

The equipment behind the scenes in bowling alleys is often complex and comprised of thousands of distinct parts. The pinspotter alone includes more than 3,800 different parts. A lack of organization was causing chaos and costing the company valuable time to market.

To help the company’s engineers manage the complexity of finding parts and designing new ones, the company partnered with Razorleaf Corporation, experts in product data management (PDM). Razorleaf helped the company bring order to the chaos by assisting with the implementation of ENOVIA SmarTeam PDM software and customizing the software to meet the company’s needs.

Razorleaf Helps Nuclear Power Toolmaker Use PDM Tools to Speed New Product Design

Razorleaf Helps Nuclear Power Toolmaker Use PDM Tools to Speed New Product Design

AREVA, a global provider of nuclear power services, plays a critical role in maintaining the nation’s 103 nuclear reactors, each of which is unique. As a result, the company must be able to quickly create new tools and custom-designed equipment to meet service requests, which are often unanticipated, and perform maintenance operations during scheduled shutdowns to avoid downtime. In addition to the quick turnaround of new tools, the company must also maintain accurate up-to-date documentation to abide by stringent industry regulations.

To help meet these demands, the company turned to Razorleaf to help them implement ENOVIA SmarTeam product data management (PDM) software. The software’s search capabilities helped AREVA quickly locate existing designs to use as a starting point for new designs. In addition, the SmarTeam’s revision management features enable the company to assess all versions of designs, who made what changes and when, which is extremely important for the company’s regulatory review process.