Microsoft HoloLens for Engineering

Technophiles the world over are buzzing about Microsoft’s announcement of the HoloLens product. This holographic augmented reality platform is bubbling with cool factor, but could have a significant impact on engineering and manufacturing software.

Get Rid of 2D Software: The Resisters

If you read my earlier rants (first post, second post) about getting rid of 2D, then this one is the next logical step: dealing with the human element.  Inevitably, there will be folks who refuse to give up their 2D software.   This is their comfort zone, and most people don’t like change anyway.  To ensure […]

Stop Designing in 2D

I am always surprised, no make that astounded, by the number of companies that are still designing in 2D software.  3D CAD has been around, and relatively mainstream, for over two decades.  When I ask this question of my customers they tell me things like “Oh, Mike can crank out 16 drawings a day in […]