Utilities for SolidWorks Enterprise PDM

Razorleaf recommends several SolidWorks Enterprise PDM, utilities, and add-ins to help you get the most out of your EPDM system. If you need server-side batch automation, client-side tools, or simple add-ins to perform targeted tasks, these utilities can make your PDM system really hum.

Whether its printing, viewing, barcoding, converting, watermarking, repairing, or automating your Enterprise PDM data, we probably have a tool for it. Not all of the EPDM utilities and tools offered here are written by Razorleaf, but we’ve worked with, and support, all of them – and we’re happy to help you deploy any of these solutions.

If you have a need that doesn’t match one of our SolidWorks Enterprise PDM tools, utilities, or add-ins, please contact us – we have a number of tools in development and we’d be happy to talk about your specific needs. We maintain a team of skilled developers experienced and well versed in Enterprise PDM and its API.

Utilities for SolidWorks Enterprise PDM

  • EPDM Dashboard

    EPDM Dashboard Logo Thumbnail

    EPDM Dashboard provides a graphical view of specific Enterprise PDM data through a dynamic control that consolidates information from various SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Vaults, right within Microsoft Outlook. Read More…

  • AppSuite for EPDM

    AppSuite Logo Thumbnail

    AppSuite for EPDM is a bundle which includes Office2PDM (integrating Microsoft Office with EPDM) and EPDM Dashboard (providing live dashboards and reports for EPDM, inside of Microsoft Outlook). Read More…

  • HawkWare Card Plus

    HawkWare Card Plus Image Thumbnail

    EPDM manages tons of information, but it isn’t always easily accessible to users, or in a format they need. Card Plus adds four great features to EPDM, right on the data card. Read More…

  • HawkWare Auto Document Number

    HawkWare Logo

    Generating serial numbers in EPDM is easy, and pretty flexible. But generating complex intelligent numbers isn’t simple. That’s where ADN – the Auto Document Number tool – comes in handy. Read More…

  • DriveWorks EPDM Number Plug-in

    DriveWorks EPDM Number Plug-in Thumbnail

    The DriveWorks EPDM Number Plug-in seamlessly pulls new numbers from EPDM for DriveWorks-generated files, and the data stays connected so that EPDM recognizes the files when they are placed in the vault. Read More…

  • EPDM RevPack for Admins

    Rev Set Concept

    RevPack for Admins can intelligently set the EPDM revision on thousands of files at once, saving hours of time and effort. There is no easy answer for manually setting advanced revision values for large volumes of files Read More…

  • EPDM RevPack for Users

    Rev Jump Concept Thumbnail

    RevPack for Users saves time by putting revision letter assignment in users’ hands, while maintaining order through detailed access control. There just aren’t simple answers for Read More…

  • Office2PDM

    Office2PDM Logo Thumbnail

    Office2PDM lets Microsoft Office users access the power of Enterprise PDM without leaving their native interface, making PDM adoption more likely. Office2PDM is an add-in Read More…