Design Automation (DA)

Design Automation (DA) technology, an extension of Rules-Based Engineering and Knowledge-Based Engineering capabilities, provides new and innovative ways for Engineer-To-Order (ETO) and Configure-To-Order (CTO) companies to create customized products.

Design automation technologies capture the intellectual property from ETO/CTO organizations to allow everyone in the organization to have the “rules-of-thumb” from engineering, purchasing, manufacturing and sales to allow companies to capture and apply rules from engineering, manufacturing, pricing and other areas to build flexible products. This makes it easier to standardize products.

The tools in design automation provide:

  • The capture and management of intellectual property,
  • Easy and customized interfaces for a variety of users,
  • Automatic and semi-automatic generation of a variety of deliverables, and
  • Complete history tracking.

Design automation tools also generate deliverables automatically or interactively based on the rules and input from users. This allows a salesperson to collect the data required to specify a project and instantly present the client with an accurate quotation that includes pricing, Bills of Materials, accurate delivery times, 2D engineering drawings, 3D solid models, or virtually any other documentation. History tracking allows users to access past quotations, orders, or other products that have been specified, which allows a company to save time and effort by reusing products that have been produced before, making custom products instantly “standard.”

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