Windows 10

Although many clients have migrated to Dassault Systemes License Server (DSLS) there are a few who are running legacy systems and are unable to move from the legacy IBM License Use Manager (LUM). But, often legacy systems often need to be updated, whether an old server needs to be replaced or an older operating system needs to be updated, or in this case there is a need to run LUM on the newest Microsoft client Windows 10.

Running a license server on a Windows client doesn’t happen often, but as more and more IT departments virtualize servers, many are unwilling to stand up a physical server just to run LUM or DSLS. What we have seen, particularly in small deployments, is a client machine is provisioned and used as the license server.

Recently, a client wanted to deploy LUM on a Windows 10 computer. Of course, the client ran into a roadblock right at the start of the installation. After troubleshooting the issue, Razorleaf was able to come up with a procedure to enable LUM to be installed. The following procedure yields good results:

  1. Download LUM version arkwin64_468FP15
  2. Logon to the machine using the local Administrator account. NOTE: If you login using a non-admin account, even if that account has local admin rights, the installation will fail.
  3. Install LUM by running the setup.exe.
  4. After the installation is completed browse to C:\IFOR\WIN\BIN.
  5. Change the Compatibility mode to run in Windows XP SP3 and also select the option to run this program as an Administrator for the following files:
    1. exe
    2. exe
  6. After changing the compatibility for the above files, run the LUM configuration tool and apply the normal configurations for LUM.
  7. Start the LUM service.
  8. Enroll the LUM licenses using the local administrator account.

After all LUM licenses have been enrolled you can logout of the workstation and login as a non-admin user and check the licenses from the Basic license tool, you just cannot enroll the licenses using this account.

For more information or if you need assistance with this procedure, please contact Razorleaf.