View the second in our PLM Integration Webinar Series

Integration is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Connecting two or more end points between applications is a straightforward goal, but how to get there is very different from one company to another. Further, PLM integrations have complex data sets that require analysis before establishing connection points. Not every piece of data may be needed to support the business need of the integration.This webinar will explore the three different approaches that are recommended to support PLM integrations. In this webinar viewers will learn:

  • Three approaches to integration
  • Pros and cons of each
  • Overview of commercial integration tools
  • Introduction to CLOVER, Razorleaf’s integration platform and demonstration

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Meet your expert: Derek Neiding Derek Neiding has been with Razorleaf since its founding holding a variety of roles in Razorleaf’s PLM, SharePoint and ERP businesses. Early in his career at Razorleaf Derek was involved in PLM pre-sales technical support, project scoping and management and PLM-related development. Derek has also been honored to be utilized by a number of our software vendor partners as a contract developer of core technologies that these vendors eventually included as part of their product. Currently, Derek serves two related roles; Director of Integrations and Development. As the Director of Integrations Derek is responsible for Razorleaf’s Clover brand of integration products and technologies. Additionally, Derek oversees other software development efforts at Razorleaf.