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Webinar: Creating Digital Threads and IDEs to Support Digital Engineering Programs

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Join CIMdata and Razorleaf as they discuss Integrated Digital Environments, Digital Threads, how these topics intersect, and what is needed for both to succeed.

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The acronym IDE has been co-opted from its original focus on software development (Integrated Development Environment) to now including multiple domains of product development in the digital world (Integrated Digital Environment). The concept is similar – pulling together and connecting a set of tools to help accomplish a multi-element goal: developing cyberphysical products.

CIMdata will share their latest survey results that discuss the maturity (or lack thereof) of a digital thread and twin in manufacturing organizations.

Razorleaf will discuss the definition of an IDE and explore:

  • IDE as a self-contained digital thread, and its connection to an enterprise digital thread
  • How integration is a backbone for a digital thread and IDE
  • Types of content you need in an IDE  – what do they look like
  • Patterns and models intrinsic to integration of product digitalization tools and systems


Peter Bilello

Jonathan Scott
Chief Architect
Razorleaf Corporation

Derek Neiding
Vice President Sales, Moderator
Razorleaf Corporation

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