Key Finding:  52% of companies report that looking for data in multiple systems is a top operational challenge…

Discover Best Practices for PLM Integration in this upcoming webinar and learn how better PLM integration is good business.

Tech-Clarity surveyed over 150 companies to understand their PLM integration strategy, processes, and technical enablers.  Get the latest insights on common challenges how the best performers gain higher operational and financial benefits from applying the right PLM integration strategies.

Effective PLM Integration strategies have the ability transform a business and deliver impressive operational and financial benefits when the right information when it is shared with the right people.

Learn how the Top Performers:

  • View the priority of PLM integration
  • Apply the right tools to different integration scenarios
  • Optimize integration investments across implementation, operation, and maintenance
  • Determine value and business impact for PLM integration efforts
  • Identify common operational, business, and maintenance challenges
  • Take progressive steps to integrate more applications and data across the enterprise
  • Plan Integration Strategies to Support IOT

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About the Presenters

Jim Brown, President and founder – Tech-Clarity

Jim Brown is the President and founder of Tech-Clarity, an independent research and consulting firm that specializes in analyzing the true business value of software technology and services. Jim has over 20 years of experience in application software for the manufacturing industries. He has a broad background that includes roles in industry, management consulting, the software industry and research spanning enterprise applications such as PLM, ERP, quality management, service, manufacturing, and others.


Derek Neiding, Engagement Director – Razorleaf

Derek Neiding has been with Razorleaf since its founding holding a variety of roles in Razorleaf’s PLM, SharePoint and ERP businesses. Early in his career at Razorleaf Derek was involved in PLM pre-sales technical support, project scoping and management and PLM-related development. Derek has also been honored to be utilized by a number of our software vendor partners as a contract developer of core technologies that these vendors eventually included as part of their product. Currently, Derek serves two related roles; Director of Integrations and Development. As the Director of Integrations Derek is responsible for Razorleaf’s Clover brand of integration products and technologies. Additionally, Derek oversees other software development efforts at Razorleaf.

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