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Episode 18: My Reseller Sold Me PLM Software, Now What?

In this episode of “Stay Sharp with Razorleaf,” hosts Jonathan and Jen, along with their guest Derek Neiding, VP of Sales at Razorleaf, dive into the complexities faced by companies after purchasing software through resellers, specifically focusing on PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software.

The conversation sheds light on the roles of resellers and sets realistic expectations for buyers in the technology sector, particularly in digital manufacturing.

Discussion Points:

    • Understanding Reseller Channels [00:00:30]
      • Roles and responsibilities of resellers.
      • Importance of asking the right questions during the buy cycle.
    • PLM Software Acquisition [00:01:00]
      • Challenges post-purchase.
      • Insights into implementation and usage.
    • Guest Introduction – Derek Needing [00:02:00]
      • Background in mechanical design and IT.
      • Journey from a hands-on implementer to VP of Sales.
    • Implementation Challenges [00:03:00]
      • Transition from traditional methods to PLM systems.
      • The gap between decision-makers and implementers.
    • Approaching PLM Implementation [00:07:00]
      • Analyzing current vs. future state.
      • Importance of process understanding over mere software usage.
    • Involving Various Stakeholders [00:08:00]
      • Incorporating input from IT, engineering, and external consultants.
      • Understanding integration with other systems.
    • Legacy Data Consideration [00:20:00]
      • Challenges and strategies for integrating existing data.
      • Importance of data consistency and quality.
    • System Configuration and Customization [00:29:00]
      • Balancing out-of-the-box features with custom needs.
      • Learning from implementation phases.
    • Organizational Change Management [00:31:00]
      • Training focused on process rather than just software functionality.
      • Ensuring user acceptance and continuous support.
    • Post-Implementation Strategies [00:42:00]
      • Ongoing system maintenance and upgrades.
      • Adapting to changing business requirements.

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