In two previous posts on the topic of project execution and tracking in Autodesk PLM 360, we covered the benefits of Milestones and Project Management. While these methods provide a comprehensive solution for tracking projects that can provide much value-add, sometimes less is more! If the overhead of these methods seems to be greater than the benefit for a particular application—and all that is needed is a simple view of the task owner and whether the task is complete—you may want to consider using the Grid tab instead. In this video we’ll step through what this would look like in the tool.

We’ve covered a lot of ground regarding project execution and tracking in Autodesk PLM 360. With a better understanding of how and when to use Milestones, Project Management, and the Grid, we hope you are now able to more effectively administer these tools in your implementation.

As always, feel free to contact us with specific questions on this or other topics, or to chat about how the capabilities of Autodesk PLM 360 can benefit your business—we would love to talk with you.