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What is PassIT

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) information is often uniquely structured into complex product hierarchies with wide-ranging relationships. This complexity can cause challenges when transferring files and data between PLM and other systems, even when utilizing an integration platform service (iPaaS).

CLOVER PassIT provides an interface between messaging platforms and PLM systems. In addition, our job processing and rules engine allow data evaluations and business rules to be performed on the CLOVER Job Server instead of each system endpoint – maximizing endpoint performance and freeing the service bus from complex operations.

Maximize Your Endpoint Performance with CLOVER PassIT

Why PassIT

  • Provide effective information distribution by reading and interpreting data at the time of transfer – allowing for consolidation, distribution, and data-specific operations prior to exchange
  • Reduce the impact of complex operations on system performance by keeping source and destination endpoint processing minimal
  • Eliminate costly builds and complex custom operations for PLM business processes into the message service bus
  • Create new user experiences, share data and information, create new products/services with a more flexible processing architecture

Common Use Cases

  • Parse BOMs to process specific parts during a data transfer
  • Validate, transform, and shape data before submission to the message bus APIs
  • Leverage native PLM markup languages and APIs without custom code
  • Bypass the message bus for large file transfers while continuing to utilize the bus APIs for object creation and linking
  • Incorporate secure cloud-to-PLM and cloud-to-iPaaS proxy architecture without exposing inbound network ports

Key Product Features

  • Process-based orchestration of file and data transfer utilizing iPaaS system REST APIs and object definitions
  • Layered BOM and hierarchical data processing capabilities
  • Input or output data into any structured file format from any type of system or file share
  • Includes standard triggering events for PLM that can be tied to workflow or user action
  • Transformation plugins to support PLM-native markup languages and APIs
  • Job engine for complex data transformations, file rendition creations, product revision selections, and other process-oriented logic without changing the existing iPaaS implementation

Learn more about CLOVER PassIT and how you can maximize your end-put performance and reduce costly builds for optimal performance.

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