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What is MigrateIT

As engineering teams modernize their Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems, the transfer of data files becomes critical for successful data migration. However, migrating product files can be a daunting task causing bulk operations to be error-prone, time-consuming, and costly.

With CLOVER MigrateIT, you can perform PLM file and data extraction, shaping and transformation, and bulk loading/exporting to reduce system downtime and improve data integrity. In addition, this tool can connect to any type of system endpoint, web service, FTP, or file share – making it perfect for multi-source or multi-destination operations.

Reduce the Risk and Improve Data Integrity with MigrateIT

Why MigrateIT

  • Reduce system downtime during data loads and minimize file and data transfer times
  • Minimize batch processing efforts by replacing manual work with automated jobs
  • Ensure consistency of data and files and effectively handle unexpected errors
  • Flexible license pricing to keep migrations costs to a minimum
  • Improve data integrity by leveraging data source preparation utilities

Common Use Cases

  • Data migration from PDM or other PLM systems into a new PLM Instance
  • Co-existence of old and new systems for migration-over-time
  • Synchronizing project and master data from Enterprise Systems such as ERP on a scheduled basis
  • Other batch-oriented operations like master data loads, inventory data load, report data load

Key Product Features

  • File system watcher to automatically begin jobs as data and files are ready for processing
  • Batch handler, scheduler, and optimization for effective and efficient handling of bulk operations
  • Multiple processing threads and servers for scaling to maximum throughput
  • Migration scripts for easy file and data extraction, data cleansing, and shaping
  • Directly access system APIs and any type of structured data output like XML, JSON, CSV, or Excel

Learn more about CLOVER MigrateIT and how you can enable PLM connections to any enterprise systems for a smarter, more reliable data exchange.

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