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What is IntegrateIT

Product development data is often managed through multiple silos using numerous technologies, containing large files and complex data structures that are difficult to transmit using typical transactional platforms.

CLOVER IntegrateIT is a scalable integration hub designed specifically for a faster, smarter way to connect siloed systems and share information across any application, database, and APIs – whether in the cloud or on premise. IntegrateIT synchronizes, integrates, and manages your product development processes to ensure data accuracy, reduce integration costs, and mitigate risks.

IntegrateIT enables PLM connections to any enterprise systems for a smarter, more reliable data exchange

Why IntegrateIT

  • Configure even the most complex business processes requiring minimal customization – launching in as little as a week
  • Improve performance and service availability with an unlimited number of distributed job processors scaling across your enterprise for optimal utilization
  • Provide better synchronization and integration between disparate systems – reducing development time with minimal risk and disruption
  • Simple subscription licensing with no hidden fees nor additional software licensing required for scaling-up

Common Use Cases

  • Publish and/or transfer part data and CAD files to downstream systems (MRP/ERP/CRM)
  • Build assemblies/BOMs in ERP upon part introduction in PLM
  • Create and extract large file and data packages for transfer to other systems
  • Design a single change management workflow across PDM, PLM, and ERP systems
  • Publish product data and PDF file renditions to SharePoint or any other central product library
  • Trigger workflows for design requests, RFQs, issues, change requests, and other activities that begin outside of PLM

Key Product Features

  • Job Management including queuing, prioritization, routing, scheduling, and notification
  • Customizable business logic that allows jobs to map to each business process uniquely
  • Pre-built job step libraries which minimize the level of customization and reduce TCO
  • Options for cloud, on premise, or a mixed architecture
  • Fully scalable architecture that allows maximum performance and service availability by utilizing multiple job processors

Learn more about CLOVER IntegrateIT and how you can enable PLM connections to any enterprise systems for a smarter, more reliable data exchange.

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