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Prebuilt Connections

CLOVER includes out-of-the-box job libraries to create connections to common endpoint technologies including:

  • File systems
  • File servers
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Salesforce Platform
  • Web servers and FTP
SOAP/REST Web Services

Connect to PLM and ERP systems through standard SOAP or REST web service interfaces including:

  • Aras Innovator
  • Oracle ERP/CRM
  • NetSuite ERP
  • Siemens Teamcenter
  • Arena PLM
  • PTC Windchill
Database Connectors

Utilize data from any relational database using common database connector functionality including:

    • ODBC
    • JDBC
    • ADO/DB
iPaaS and ESB Systems

Extend the messaging and orchestration functionality of standard ESB and generic integration platforms with PLM-oriented job processing capabilities:

  • Microsoft BizTalk
  • MuleSoft AnyPoint
  • Dell Boomi Structured Data Files
  • Jitterbit Harmony
  • Informatica
Other integration platforms

Export and Import to a connected system utilizing any common data exchange format:

  • XML, JSON, CSV, Microsoft Excel, Delimited Text, and other structured file formats
CLOVER File Watcher

Monitors for files as they are published to File Systems, FTP/SFTP, CIFS/SMB, or other storage locations.

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