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What is CollectIT

Product Data is an organization’s most valuable asset, and sharing this technical data is mission-critical for success in today’s fast-paced digital world. CLOVER CollectIT is a vendor-neutral, web-based file management software that allows you to extract, package, and securely distribute PLM files and data.

With CollectIT, you can easily share product information with employees, vendors, and clients, including product part and BOM representations, related CAD files, and other technical documents.

CollectIT offers a fast and easy way to share data and eliminates error-prone, manual exports of PLM data for non-experts – saving time and money.

Why CollectIT

Increase quality of technical data shared
Bring transparency and accessibility for up-to-date file sharing to reduce errors in production, maintenance, and in the extended enterprise.

Improve productivity
Reduce bottlenecks and automate the process of compiling technical packages to help spend less time searching for data and more time on what you do best.

Enable Collaboration and Reduce Costs
Improve communication and support collaboration by providing non-PLM users with direct access to PLM content, saving time and money.

Common Use Cases for CollectIT

  • Creation of Bid Package or Product Specification for delivery to a supplier for quoting process
  • Collaborate with Clients and Suppliers during product design outside of PLM systems.
  • Provide Technical Data Package (TDP) or End Item Data Package (EIDP) documentation for a product deliverable.
  • Provide non-PLM users within the organization access to PLM product data, whether for manufacturing, sales, procurement, or maintenance.

Key Product Features

  • Select files and data from all available items through a simple web interface.
  • Choose output files and metadata and create datafiles from PLM item details.
  • Customize data file output with easy-to-create Microsoft Word templates.
  • Capture all available information from BOM structures – assembly children and related items
  • Provide a content Manifest with a TOC with links to all files stored in a flat, grouped, or hierarchical structure.
  • TDP templates included; MIL-STD-31000B available to support Government and MBE standards.

Learn More about CLOVER CollectIT and how you can simplify your product sharing process – saving time and money.

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